All that we share – inspirational video

this video promo for TV 2 channel from Denmark is very inspirational and cool.

I won’t spoil any more, check it.


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15 people behind the memes

pretty cool.

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رحلة إبراهيم سرحان إلى كوريا الشمالية

إبراهيم سرحان شاب سعودي عاشق للسفر و يهوى السفر إلى أماكن غير مألوفة  و من آخر رحلاته المنشورة على قناته في اليوتوب هي رحلته إلى كوريا الشمالية  و قام ابراهيم بعمل فيديو وثائقي من أربعة أجزاء قام بنشر آخرها في الخميس الموافق التاسع عشر من يناير و هذه هي الحلقات الأربع كاملة

الحلقة الأولى

الحلقة الثانية

الحلقة الثالثة

الحلقة  الرابعة و الأخيرة

نتمنى لكم متابعة ممتعة,

موقع سرحان ابراهيم

حسابات سرحان ابراهيم في وسائل التواصل

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Power Ranger Kitties.

they are so adorable.

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Global Game Jam event in Kuwait

guys check out the Global Game Jam this January 19th to 21st. 2017.

the event will take place in Sirdab Lab at Dasman Complex in Kuwait city, call goes out to all developers/artists/techs/geeks and anyone interested in creating a game over that weekend, for more information please contact Q8GEEK

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a deadly USB stick

so this company called USB KILL (very creative name LOL) makes USB sticks that literally destroys hardware, by using the power in the USB devices, the stick charges itself from the source and shoots back a bunch of electricity to fry the chips of the USB host device, this is a very dangerous gadget and is probably illegal to use, however its really interesting to see how a simple electric shock can destroy any computer, TV, phone, Laptop and even a Car.

the USBKill site has a YouTube channel where they demonstrate how “lethal” their sticks are and they recently launched a 2.0 version that improves on some of the issues the first one had, effectively having an almost %100 rate of killing any device it has.

this is the car video (they killed the stereo and dash, but the car probably runs)

the Youtube Channel is really entertaining an you can find many people on YouTube trying it out, some even create their own USB killing tool, otherwise I think its a terrible thing to do to destroy computers, that being said I am interested in learning more about how and what components actually get destroyed, this was brought to my attention after a recent video by Linus techTips explained a way manifacturers can make resisting hardware and its worth mentioning that some Apple Products do show some resistance to it but they are not immune, the same can be said about USB C technology that has promises of resisting the shock coming from these USB sticks, but the USB KILL may create a 3.0 version to counter that.

check their site [here] if for some reason you wanna buy this.

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