inFORM – Dynamic Shape Display

years and years ago people used to have tactile input on mobile devices,

now replaced with touch screen interface as a standard, we lack the old tactile feel while using phones.



Enter inFORM, part of the MIT group called “Tangible Media Group“, they are working on creating a tangible user interface (TUI) instead of a graphical user interface (GUI), I love how inFORM works and I really wish in the future this technology will be compact enough that we can have a dynamic physical input in our pockets, inFORM has the ability to manipulate objects, display information and take input all in a tactile pixels interface rather than visual or graphical pixels interface.


check out the video below and the sources linked after:


  • inFORM official page, video source [here]
  •  the Tangible Media page [here]



the SCP foundation website is a wiki page full of article of all kinds of object and creatures captured, secured and studied by the foundation, I first came across the site by someone linking this:

oh the horror

wtf is this ?

so apparently this is a reptile that has to be kept in acid so that its incapacitated, they also mention that they are trying to destroy the creature but so far they havent been successful in killing it, its a great wiki article and well written in a way that convincing, somewhat. I surely fell for it at first.

you can read the entry [Here] as for the picture, this is the source [Here]

I loved the SCP Foundation website and the imagination and work it took whoever is behind it to make such an interesting and imaginative (and scary) series of creatures and items that should be secured in a safe place away from people.

My favorite Entries are

  • SCP 173 (this is what started the SCP site)
  • SCP 409
  • SCP 031 ( I had a nightmare that looks exactly like this, creepy stuff)
  • SCP 914 (kinda funny, overall smart)
  • SCP 427 (made from combining SCP 500 and SCP 914)

check out the knowyourmeme entry on the SCP Foundation [Here]

Cute Baby doodles

Amber wheeler took a few photos of her son,

then she made a few sketches on them and they turned out really cute.

Meme Hunters

this is a creepy little collaboration video by 4 people behind some of the memes.

I love the idea of this video, but sadly I only know two of these people.

I will give links to their meme pages:

  • Good Girl Gina [Here]
  • Sheltered College freshman [Here]
  • Bad Luck Brian [Here]
  • Overly attached girlfriend [Here]

Waiting for the Gold (iPhone 5S)


this is a short documentary on the events of last week,
the launch of the iPhone 5S



I’m not personally a big fan of iPhone, or waiting but the same kind of lines and camping behavior can be seen in video game launches.
I find it ironic that the people in line waiting for up to two are actually the most impatient people, they all wanted to get their iPhone first.
so what do you guys think? is it worth to wait for gold?

Lurkerz Break – Unity Games


today is a bit different, we have some games to showcase but they are not on flash as usual, but instead we’re gonna play some Unity 3D games.

but first lets take a look at Unity, what is it?

where did it come from?

and why are Unity games good?

Unity 3D is a cross platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, its used to make games for different platforms (Web browsers, PC, Smartphones & Tablets).

the beauty of Unity is that its possible to make the games on any smartphone (including: Android, Blackberry10, iOS, Windows Phone 8) and on any browser.

and the performance will always be good, regardless of whether you are playing on your phone or browser.

this is why the Unity engine is much better than flash games (for the PC) in my opinion,

and also because the games that run on Unity have a big range, by that I mean from games like Angry birds to games similar to Call of Duty with online multiplayer,

the first time I came across some of the games showcased here I was shocked to see that the game ran smoothly and the games seemed like they were made by big gaming companies, and if you check the Unity Game List I’m sure you will find a few games made by big companies, so let’s go through a few simple and free games and try Unity out.


note: that you have to install something called “Unity Web Player” to play these games from your browser.



click image to play game

click image to play game

this game is indeed hot, I have never enjoyed a FPS concept like this before, while this “Trial” is short, but it also shows what to expect from a game that is based on slowmotion gameplay, try it

Megabyte Punch



click image to play Megabyte Punch

the next game is a Robot Brawler and platform kind of game, its basically fighting robots in a castlevania style map, you can upgrade your robot as you go through the level, and the boss fight is amazing.

again this is a preview and the full game is on sale. [Here]


Motor Wars 2

this is a cool Twisted Metal kind of game, and its online. simple idea, a lot of fun.

Click Image to play game

Click Image to play game

Auto Smash 3D

this is either a very old game or just made by weird asian people, but its as fun as stupid the idea is, basically you play a girl that destroys cars by throwing footwear at them.

you can upgrade your shoes and character stats to reach the highest score, I spent more time on this game than I should.

click image to play game

click image to play game


they should make this guy the final boss


There are tons of other games on Unity engine, too many to list here so you can check out Wooglie for more Unity games. and I will post some more later.

if you’d like some flash games instead check out our tags or click [here] for previous game posts.

  • check out the official Unity page [Here]
  • for more Info check the Wikipedia Page [Here]
  • for game list Click [Here]


PhoneBloks a Phone worth keeping

this is an amazing idea, basically a modular phone that keeps evolving..


no more waiting for the next iPhone or Galaxy or whatever,

Don’t get me wrong, the new iPhones, HTC’s and Samsungs look interesting.

But this is an excellent idea for the future of cellphones.

Just upgrade the hardware as you go and keep the phone forever.

this is what I imagine the future would be like.

How to Pick the Perfect Video game

or simply play “The Last of us”

- Click Image for Full Size-