Cats and Lazers, A natural thing

this is an awesome Techno music video with cats chacing lazers and great music


at around the end you start to realize how epic this video is,

and the effort really shows, Amazing.


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Motorized Trike Drifting

Trike drifting is a cool hobby that can be found in many areas in the world.


basically people make a special tricycle made for drifting, with smooth tires (AKA Trike) and they take their drifting trikes and go up a hill or a mountain road and go down that road with their trikes and spend a cool afternoon just having fun.

videos of this hobby have been spreading around for the last few years and it looks good and seems like a lot of fun.(note: its probably not safe for kids to go on a road down a hill on sliding trikes). here’s a video of these drifting trikers in action:


then someone made a motorized Drift Trike, which means you can drift anywhere and on flat ground, which is super cool, even though some trike drifter might not agree but I certainly love the idea, check this video out.

I’d really like to get my hands on one of those drifting motorized tracks, even though I think you can find websites that give guides on building your own trike, either way I hope you enjoyed watching those people drift around on wacky looking trikes.

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Haircuts for the Homeless #WhatsTheDifference

a group of people went and did haircuts for a group of homeless people for free, a great inspiring video.

thanks to Tyler at for sharing this video.

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Mad Hatter

this street performer juggles bowler hats, amazing video.

the dancing really did it for me as well.

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Best ALS Ice bucket challenge videos

there are tons of these videos all over the web, but two videos stand out in my point of view.

1- the Zero point:

this is Patrick Stewarts take on the ALS bucket challenge, because as I understand it,

you either get the ice bucket or you donate to ALS.

classy as always Mr. Stewart


2- the Max point:

these guys just over did it, the exact opposite of the spectrum on pouring a bucket of water on your head, they did so much more, and I find it amusig in how silly it is and how over the top it was made.

the effects were perfect


3- the Weird point

this is from Warframe, a game I’ve been playing for over a year, I love that the developers actually went and made this video, even though I’d rather they actually did it on video in real life.

well done, weird Corpus language though.

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Planes Eye Candy

This amazing sped up video of an airport makes,

planes look like shooting stars or something.

Airplanes Look Like Epic Shooting Stars in The Air Traffic 2! from Milton Tan on Vimeo.

recommended HD full screen with headphones.

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Marvel characters size comparison

this is an interesting look at some of the Marvel characters,

I gotta say I didn’t expect Wolverine to be such a shorty

(click image for full size)

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“Shift It” Hilarious commercial

this type of video is why I LOVE the Internet.


you can look at the behind the scenes [Here].

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Extreme Parkour – Casually

Parkour is a sport that has been rising in popularity in the last decade or two and with the modern day technology and the internet more and more videos of amazing feats in parkour are shown everyday and the bar is constantly being raised, this one ad for GoPro used footage from a professional stuntman called Ethan swanson, on the video comments you see poeple arguing about him being a professional and that some parts were edited, real or not the idea is that he set up the scene and did an amazing jump on his own, that’s the direction this ad is going.


Another video surfaced of two Japanese girls chacing around in school doing all sorts of “Ninja” parkour things, a really cool video that is made to seem like these girls just casually do extreme parkour tricks as if its nothing.


I absolutely love watching parkour videos, whether amateur or pro, but this approach of making extreme parkour look casual is a fresh angle on the sport, and I’d like to see more of this.

what do you think ?

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Silent Hill reveal

this video is so amazing and its going viral.
watch the video to the end to see the actual reveals.


I’m so damn Hyped over this now

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Cute Platypus

this is the cutest thing you’ll see all day,

I guarantee it

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how you are still alive

this is a cool video on how the ammune system works, the art style is great and the information is detailed but explained in a simplified way.



my favorite part is the Pokemon battle :P

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Kuwait’s new Bank Notes printing and designing – الإصدار السادس للدينار الكويتي



Kuwait UPTO Date Facebook Page

Central Bank of Kuwait Youtube Page

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Online Emulator of the Oldest Computer Systems

OpenHow Blog Collected some online emulators of the oldest commercial systems used in the computers. If you miss using an old system or didn’t have the chance to, you can check them out in their post here. I miss Paintbrush.

msdos paint


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The Social Kingdoms

this is a great Game of Thrones parody of the intro of the show, designed by HootSuite to look like the show’s famous intro.

its a hoot to watch xD.



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How to Moonwalk – an inforgraphic

Maybe I will try this out now that I know the secret of the moonwalk.


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2 [Metal] Cellos

this is the best Cello play you will see all day.


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Squirtle Vs. Wooper

this is  a funny cute Pokemon spoof,



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Google’s Roadmap to World Domination – an Infographic

we all know how technology improves our lives, but as it gets involved more and more into details of different aspects in life things like privacy issues start surfacing, taking this subject further we can look at Google being one of the largest tech companies out there with products that covers most things in our daily lives, this gives a lot of power to Google and its a bit concerning to see that much information in the hands of one company acting as a service provider, so this infographic talks in a bit more detail how Google (and their Google Maps) is conquering the world.


Google Maps Its Way to World Domination

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Strike Vector – first look

this is Part 2 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

and I am right now considering to buy this game, because so far it looks really good.



Strike Vector is a fast paced fighter jet multiplayer game, it reminds me a bit of Warhawk or StarHawk but its faster and insanely good looking gameplay, I love how the camera is used in Strike Vector and it gives the player a feeling of high speed action dog fighting.

its an indie game made by four developers and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this game.




the “Vectors” are upgradable jets and with great customizations that fit different play styles, ranging from stealth vectors to heavy armed death machines.

for a better look at the customization system you can view this video [here].

so many explo

so many pretty missiles and explosions


no amount of words can explain how awesome the game is,

so this is a video trailer of the game.



the game is released on Steam right now, I will most likely buy this game and if/when I do I will write a full review of the game.

  • Game Official Site [Here]
  • Game Page on Steam [Here]
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