DuckTales intro IRL

this is the cutest thing EVER!

here’s the video:

and the Side by side comparison with the original:



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The new MacBook – 2015

The news were all over the web on the new MacBook announcement.

but after watching tons of video and reading around online (note: I’m not a fan of Apple) I have a conflicted opinion on the new MacBook, there are many aspects of this device which I like, but it seems its in a weird place among gadgets in the market.

1) Design & Size:

the Size of the MacBook is kinda small, but its bigger than most (if not all) tablets on the market, but its a direct competitor to devices like the Surface Pro 3 and the 12 inch Dell XPS.

of course the MacBook excels in  being the thinnest of all its competitors and its even 3mm thinner than the Air, another thing Apple users might not like about the design is that the logo won’t light up, I suppose due to thinness of the device, Its not really a big deal, is it ?

Dat Gold though!


2) performance:

the MacBook has a gorgeous 12 inch retina display, with a high resolution, great colors and a weird 16:10 ratio, not many laptops come with something this good, not at 12 inch at least, the battery life is said to last up to 10 hours, which is great even if it was 8  or 6 on heavy use, its impressive, I’m not happy about the lack of ports, but it has its pros and cons (mostly making Apple tons of $$$ on extensions).

including cool butterfly keys and clickless innovative track pad

on the other hand everything else about the new MacBook outright sucks, its made for browsing, basic office work and media consumption, you cannot expect to do video editing or gaming on this machine because of its tiny chipset and low powered processor, but as a plus the hardware makes the device really thin and doesn’t need special ventilation to cool down, which makes me compare it to some tablets and maybe a couple ultrabooks that use passive cooling rather than air cooling.


3) Price:

HOLY SHIT! I’d rather buy an actual laptop with the price of this thing.

Yes I know its Apple, and its technically an ultrabook (more like a glorified NetBook).

but hell to the No.

this small skinny gadget starts at $1299 (380KD)… NOPE.

I thought the Surface Pro 3 was expensive, but at least the surface has a much more powerful processor and a touchscreen which may justify the price, the MAIN problem I have about this laptop is what segment of the market would buy something small and very light weight, but bigger and heavier than an iPad. that behaves and is used like any Apple laptop but with really low performance and a high price.

I like the technologies that they put into making this Ultrabook really thin, I would even get one if I could get it at a reasonable price, but knowing apple, this will never Happen…

and now with the rant about the shitty 480p Camera,

which is the main reason I started this post lol.

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Geico Unskippable Ads

these are truly creative ads by car insurance company Geico.


1) Elevator:




that was kinda Awkward to watch lol.

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Real life working BMO


BMO (pronounced beemo) is a cute little robot character from a show called “Adventure Time” and he is supposed to be a small c0mputer/video game console, he is generally depicted as a side character to the protagonists of the show, Finn and Jake and he mostly stays at home rather than go out on adventures with our heroes.

so someone decided to make the cute little robot using some 3D Printed parts and a RaspberryPi internals.

the finished BMO is totally adorable and is really cool, the Specs are as follows:

  • Overall size: 4″ X 5″ X 1.75″
  • CPU: Raspberry Pi A+
  • Operating System: RetroPie
  • Display: 3.5″ TFT
  • Power: 7.4V 2200 mAh Li-Ion
  • Controls: Fully set of SNES (D-pad, 4 actions, start/select, L/R) buttons built around a Teensy 2.0 HID device
  • Sound: Stereo Speakers with slide potentiometer volume control and headphone jack

you can find the whole project in details here

and then there is BMO 2.0, this is a completely different project by someone else, which is super adorable also

I want one of these BMO’s

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Q8Con 2015

hey guys, this weekend is very exciting because we have both Q8Con and Qout market.

Q8con will have:

  • Art competitions
  • Gaming competitions
  • Local celebrities
  • workshops
  • booths
  • Cosplay (and Cosplayer competition as well)

so go check out the event and enjoy.


Q8Con is on 360 Mall’s parking rooftop and will start today March 6th, 2015 and ends tomorrow night, this is the detailed schedule of the event.


also check out Q8Con on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat

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HTC One (M9) VS Samsung Galaxy S6

this is the on of the most important comparisons of the year, the two flagships have been announced and are on the floor at this years MWC exhibit in Barcelona and the guys at PocketNow made this early hands-on comparison.

there’s a lot of details discussed here but I’m sure there’s more to say once the devices are on sale, I am leaning towards the HTC more because I’m kinda biased (I LOVE HTC).

I love seeing the hype on phones and gadgets but sometimes it gets a bit too much, don’t you agree?

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Cool Leaf Keyboard (V2)

If you like typing on a touch screen and want this feel on your computer,

this is a keyboard for you.


the Cool Leaf Keayboard (ver. 2) is basically a touch screen with a mirror finish and some level of water resistance, pictures of this keyboard all over the web but I have finally found it and now there’s a version 2 of the Keyboard.

in the Ad video they mention some parts of this are concept and by that I think they mean its just a Keyboard, the video kinda gives false hope of cool DJ or Video game Layout, but since its essentially a touch screen this is technically possible with some software.

You can buy the Cool Leaf Keyboard here

I really think this is a just a good looking keayboard, but its really more of a gimmick and not a comfortable day-to-day use kind of Keyboard, what kind of keyboard do you prefer ? would you pay nearly $300 for a touch keyboard on the PC? leave a comment below on what you think.

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TSF Launcher – Android Launcher

So today I want to share with you this amazing Android Launcher, I have always loved launchers ever since I got my first Android back in 2010.

and I’ve always been experimenting with the customization that you can do to Android without having to access the root or do anything special to change the look of your Android.

And I would like  to promote one of my favorite launchers; the one I’m using currently:

TSF 3D Shell, by TSFUI.

– click for full size -

according to their site this launcher came out 3 years ago in feb 29th, 2012. I started using it around summer that year and have been using it ever since, I have changed devices many times and tried newer different launchers but I’ve always went back to TSF Launcher, It kind of gave me a consistent user experience on many different Android devices, the customization is great and the gimmicks are plenty, and the best part is that the development of this launcher is continuous, they have released a ver.3 recently and I quickly found myself adapting and falling in love all over again with TSF 3D.

although I have been using the HTC since october 2013, and the HTC Sense UI with Blinkfeed are pretty impressive, yet the customization made me go back to the safety of TSF UI and their cool interactive widgets.

the biggest down side to TSF is that its $15+ but I have to say that since I paid this amount a long time ago, It’s well worth it, and the reason I’m writing this post about it now is because they currently have a %40 off, so check it out and make your Android Device really cool looking.

get it on Android Play Market here

and you can check out the official website here

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Kuwait National Day

I dont really know what to write here, I’m just happy to be in this wonderful country, on a glorious day with amazing weather, this is a day where all Kuwaiti people show their gratitude towards this country.

its not perfect but its better than most, and I can’t explain how fortunate I feel to be a Kuwaiti.

كل عام و انتي بخير يا حبيبتنا يا كويت


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Historically accurate Disney princesses

this is a cool video, an art and history project that shows what the most famous Disney princesses would look like if they were historically more accurate, base on what people looked like and wore back in the time and place the stor is supposed to be, do you agree on this list?

Warning: Pocahontas is a little sketchy with her semi topless look, might not be suitable for everyone.

for more details check out the source on Buzzfeed

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Outland & Deadlight – double game reviews

Recently I’ve been playing two side scrolling puzzle platforming games.

this is a somewhat popular genre in the recent years with the rise of the indie games, and so I will share with you my experience playing both of these games and I’ll compare and contrast them.

Outland (2014):

outland is a MetroidVania platformer crossed with a bullet hell shooter (Like Ikaruga), the gameplay is simple and depends on the duality of the character (two colors vs two-opposite colored enemies) with a bunch of platforming and puzzles thrown in.

the boss fights are pretty cool but just like you expect from a platforming adevnture game, its not very hard or unpredictable, its the kind of game that needs skill and some patience to go through.

the design of Outland is beautiful, the color schemes, the backgrounds and even the soundtrack are great for such a seemingly modest game.

I played through this game and I really think its a satisfying game, albeit the final boss fight was nerve-racking.




much like Outland, Deadlight is a game where you mainly have to solve puzzles and fight enemies to advance in the game, but Deadlight is a grey dirty post-apocalyptic game, the backgrounds and character designs are really detailed and beautiful, the atmosphere of the game is very immersive and feels likea  horror game, I should also mention the soundtrack is amazing I downloaded it separately.


the gameplay in Deadlight feels more realistic and human, while the hero in Outland was more of a colorful mythical creature than jumps around and can fall from extreme heights without taking damage, this guy on the other hand is a bearded badass who is trying to survive through a zombie infested world, he has stamina and limitation to his physical ability, which augments the survival theme of the game.

The puzzle quality is a bit better in Deadlight but Outland fighting mechanics more fun, in Deadlight you really have to conserve your ammo and stamina and avoid large groups of zombies, while in Outland you kill enemies and absordb their energy to kill more enemies.

The story of Deadlight is somewhat a typical post-apocalypse zombie situation game and Outland is a “legendary tale” kind of storyline with mythical characters and it uses narration instead of a talking character.


I have spent about an hour only in Deadlight so I’m not sure on how much I should give it, but as far as first impressions go, its pretty damn good.


You can find the games here:


thank you for checking out the double game feature, please let us know what you think about the games or the post itself in the comments section below.

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Flow Hive – a new way to collect honey

Flow Hive is a wonderful invention that comes from years of engineering and designing.

the idea of it is to make a hive suitable for bees to produce honey in and is easier to extract said honey without disturbing the bees in a fast an efficient way.


check out this video on the Flow Hive:


and if you are interested in this beehive check them out:

  1. Visit the Website:
  2. their Facebook:
  3. and their Twitter:


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Internet IPO’s Value

check out their stock values!

this infographics makes you wanna start a social networks and public srvices.


Internet IPO Where are they infographic – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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Dubai Flow Motion

Many people in Kuwait like to go to Dubai, the beautiful country full of activities and rich with a culture similar to Kuwait, I don’t think there’s much I can say because we all know how good Dubai is,

so filmmaker and artist Rob Whitworth made an amazing video on Dubai using various techniques like stop motion and timelapse and he put together a video that represented his first impression of Dubai

I love how this is made and I’m jealous of Dubai because we need someone in Kuwait to do something this creative and show the beauty of Kuwait.

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Nissan Leaf

the Nissan Leaf is a cute little electric car, and one variation comes

with a glow in the dark paint-job. Isn’t that crazy ?

I can’t believe that they made this car, I don’t know if its on sale.


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This Kinetic Insect Lamp


Korean artist U-Ram Choe uses resin, magnets, electric motors, CPU boards, and LEDs to create these amazing kinetic lamp/sculptures that are based on the morphology of insects. When switched on, the creatures light up and start gently moving. Beautiful.


[Pier 9 | Via Neatorama | Photo Credit: Gallery Hyundai]

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Friends – Rebooted

what Friends would be like if the cast was a bunch of hipsters in 2015.


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Dust: an Elysian Tail – PC game

Dust ET

I started playing this game just this weekend, and its one of the hidden gems I had purchased a long time ago from HumbleBundle, it resembles a Castlevania/Metroid style 2D platform adventure game with basic RPG elements, character and weapon development, Items and crafting, a simple quest system and a generic (but good) story.

the art of the game may not be the best you will see but the animation of the characters and the gameplay and motion in this game is superb, the combos are amazing and you almost never get tired of them, which makes the game an amazing indie game.

(note: this gameplay video is from within the first 10 minutes of the game)

this game is 2 years old and its available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 , you can find it for PC here and on steam here

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The best time to drink Coffee

most of us drink coffee daily, but have you wondered what is the best time for drinking it during your day?


Scientists have studied this subject, and to find out when exactly is the best time for consuming the wonder brown beans, check out this infographic on drinking coffee.


articl via

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Half Life 3 – UnAnnounced

in 2004 Valve released Half Life 2, and in over 10 years the fans are still waiting for the 3rd installment of the game (although I should note that the direct sequels for it were Half Life: Episode 1& Episode 2 the latter was released in 2007).

the following is a fan made video of what happened to Gordon Freeman all these years the fans were waiting for Half Life 3.

I want to go on a little rant here, because its a sensitive subject for fans and Half Life 3 became more of a myth and a joke on the Internet on how it will never be announced not to mention released, I think the pressure and expectations on this game are so high that Valve will probably never work on it, and its really sad how Half Life will probably be remembered as the game that never got finished, because the story is still going and I personally would love to play through part 2 and its episodes if part 3 ever comes out.

what do you think? are you a Half Life fan? do you care about Half life 3? or have you given up on it ?

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