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TSF Launcher – Android Launcher

TweetSo today I want to share with you this amazing Android Launcher, I have always loved launchers ever since I got my first Android back in 2010. and I’ve always been experimenting with the customization that you can do to

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Kuwait National Day

Tweet I dont really know what to write here, I’m just happy to be in this wonderful country, on a glorious day with amazing weather, this is a day where all Kuwaiti people show their gratitude towards this country. its

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Historically accurate Disney princesses

Tweetthis is a cool video, an art and history project that shows what the most famous Disney princesses would look like if they were historically more accurate, base on what people looked like and wore back in the time and

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Outland & Deadlight – double game reviews

TweetRecently I’ve been playing two side scrolling puzzle platforming games. this is a somewhat popular genre in the recent years with the rise of the indie games, and so I will share with you my experience playing both of these

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Flow Hive – a new way to collect honey

Tweet Flow Hive is a wonderful invention that comes from years of engineering and designing. the idea of it is to make a hive suitable for bees to produce honey in and is easier to extract said honey without disturbing

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Internet IPO’s Value

Tweetcheck out their stock values! this infographics makes you wanna start a social networks and public srvices. – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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Dubai Flow Motion

TweetMany people in Kuwait like to go to Dubai, the beautiful country full of activities and rich with a culture similar to Kuwait, I don’t think there’s much I can say because we all know how good Dubai is, so

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Nissan Leaf

Tweetthe Nissan Leaf is a cute little electric car, and one variation comes with a glow in the dark paint-job. Isn’t that crazy ? I can’t believe that they made this car, I don’t know if its on sale. source

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This Kinetic Insect Lamp

Tweet Korean artist U-Ram Choe uses resin, magnets, electric motors, CPU boards, and LEDs to create these amazing kinetic lamp/sculptures that are based on the morphology of insects. When switched on, the creatures light up and start gently moving. Beautiful.

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Friends – Rebooted

Tweetwhat Friends would be like if the cast was a bunch of hipsters in 2015. Source

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Dust: an Elysian Tail – PC game

Tweet I started playing this game just this weekend, and its one of the hidden gems I had purchased a long time ago from HumbleBundle, it resembles a Castlevania/Metroid style 2D platform adventure game with basic RPG elements, character and

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The best time to drink Coffee

Tweetmost of us drink coffee daily, but have you wondered what is the best time for drinking it during your day? Scientists have studied this subject, and to find out when exactly is the best time for consuming the wonder

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Half Life 3 – UnAnnounced

Tweetin 2004 Valve released Half Life 2, and in over 10 years the fans are still waiting for the 3rd installment of the game (although I should note that the direct sequels for it were Half Life: Episode 1& Episode

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Paint – a Lego short

Tweetthis is a very cool stop motion video of a guy painting in Lego bricks, I love the details in this video and the sound effects make it look perfect.

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Don’t be a Douchebag Campaign

Tweeta group of Russian teenagers have been going on a campaign to stop people from driving on sidewalks as a shortcut, so they stop in their way and ask them to go back. its interesting how these offenders react even

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Soylent – a short documentary

TweetA couple years ago a guy came up with an Idea to make a consumable collection of chemicals, its a drink he called “soylent” that covers all the needs of a human body of all the chemicals required daily, then

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LineZeta – Gaming on mobile

Tweet I’m happy to introduce to you a wonderful mobile game called “LineZeta”. The game is a mixture of Bejeweled and Super Robot Wars, it is a puzzle game with robots, you have to line up cores (or jewels) to

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Street Fighter Documentary on Bison

Tweetthis is an amazing video on Mike Bison, it’s a mock documentary on his life and the story behind the boxer in Street fighter 2 i have to say that this is the best quality fan made video i’ve ever

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Cats and Lazers, A natural thing

Tweetthis is an awesome Techno music video with cats chacing lazers and great music   at around the end you start to realize how epic this video is, and the effort really shows, Amazing. Source

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Motorized Trike Drifting

TweetTrike drifting is a cool hobby that can be found in many areas in the world. basically people make a special tricycle made for drifting, with smooth tires (AKA Trike) and they take their drifting trikes and go up a

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