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Jim Hensons Saber-Tooth Puppet “Smilodon Fatalis”

Tweetthe studio of Jim Henson (Muppets) built a sabertooth cat for Page museum “Tar Pits” exhibition and it looks amazing, two puppeteers are required to control the SaberTooth cat, one is inside it and the other remotely controls the head,

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Parrot Max Jumping Drone Review

Tweetso Parrot comes in again with another cool drone, this time I got the Parrot Jumping Max drone, this is a two wheeled drone with jumping capabilities. and like my previous review drone, this jumping max is controlled by the

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Bad Video Game Music

TweetNot all video game music is good. even though you argue its all about taste, but in a previous post (Here) I shared the importance of video game music as made by the Redbull documentary series “Diggin’ in the Carts”

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Kids in cosplay

Tweetboth Awesome and Adorable. Geek parents are awesome. ^-^

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Finger snapping Super Mario

Tweetjust like the title says, this guy can play Super Mario theme without any instruments, just his fingers     you might think you have seen it all, but not really.

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Nvidia’s CES 2016 GTX 900 Series Gaming bundle

Tweet since CES is this week, the news started pouring in, and as many players in the industries are showing off the latest tech and setting the bar and the tone for the consumer technologies this year and into the

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Gym Wildlife [NSFW 16+]

Tweetbecause now is the season of going to gym, for this year.

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How To Make the Perfect Cappuccino

TweetThis is a video by Munchies channel, part of the Vice network on YouTube. I really love the care for details on making something that seems so simple, and the skills and technical terms are really cool too. coffee people

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Zik 3 headphone by Parrot

Tweet     I’m a fan of Parrot products, I have been using some of their products for a few years and I have always wanted this headset since the first generation Zik but it has always been a bit

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Amazing Minecraft Stick Figure animation

TweetThis is an animated clip involving a group of stick figure characters doing Minecraft related things, it includes some awesome battle scenes and Minecraft fans would definitely love the elements of Minecraft in this context. this is the work of

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Nvidia GeForce Experience Update

Tweetabout a month ago, Nvidia released a big software update to the Gefore Experience. and two weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a conference with Ben Berraondo, Head of Consumer EMEA at NVIDIA.

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Real Lightsaber Battle, kinda.

Tweetin anticipation to the new Episode of StarWars movie, a duo from a lightsaber battle school did a public show of a Jedi vs Sith lord battle, both are extremely skilled in the art of lightsaber battle and the footage

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Artists Assembly gathering

Tweet this is great news, a group of artists in Kuwait who are friends and acquaintances over social media decided to gather and the first one was successful enough so they decided to do it again, I was lucky enough

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Daft Punk – Derezzed Guitar Cover (Tron)


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Bike Accident with a happy ending

Tweetthis guy has a go pro on his helmet and a guy ran a redlight and hit him, he destroyed the bike but the guy landed on his feet, amazing video.

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World’s Greatest Drag Race by MotorTrend

Tweet Motor Trend channel does this for the 4th year in a row, racing a group of sports cars and comparing them. this years cars are: Mercedes AMG GT S Bentley Continental GT3-R Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Cadillac ATS-V Volkswagen Golf

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[Repost] Glowforge: Democratizing Laser Cutting with an Inexpensive, Easy to Use Machine

Tweetthe following article was reposted from Core77, link to the original is found at the bottom. For many would-be makers, there are barriers aplenty that can keep one from realizing one’s dreams. One of the first barriers is not having

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flying in a Drone

Tweetthis is an amazing project, the idea was to make a super drone that could fly a person, though I think a drone by definition is an unmanned machine. but anyway the specs are: 54 counter-rotation propellers, six grouped control channels

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الحلقة الاولى من افتح يا سمسم 2015

Tweetافتح يا سمسم هو برنامج تربوي من انتاج عربي و هو النسخة العربية من برنامج  شارع السمسم و يعود تاريخ افتح يا سمسم لعام 1979 بعد تكوين مجلس التعاون لدول الخليج العربي و تأسيس مؤسسة البرامج المشتركة لدول الخليج العربي

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Game of Thrones: The Musical

Tweetthis documentary style comedy sketch with “Game of Thrones” characters is hilarious and brilliant, I was shocked to see this video is only 4 months old and about 13 million views, if you Love game of thrones you will love this.

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