Django Unchained: Review

Quentin Tarantino is back with another revenge movie. QT is no surprise; my favorite director ever, I’ve seen Pulp Fiction like a dozen times. so what do expect when a director like QT directs/writes a western ? something very exquisite indeed. I loved this movie, there were some little things I didn’t like but this was awesome.


love d the cast in this movie specially Christoph Waltz (who played the Jew Hunter in Inglorious Basterds) all the other cast did an awesome job playing their characters, but Waltz took all the attention from all the other actors in this movie. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job playing the villain. Jamie Foxx was good, but I preferred Idris Elba for the role of Django.

 One of QT trademarks is transcending a normal scene into something completely interesting simply by putting the right soundtrack in it. also, the screenplay is just brilliant as always from him. In my opinion QT is the best screenwriter in Hollywood history. The dialogues are so well written, the plot is just floating to an amazing climax. Though the movie was long 2:45hrs but it didn’t feel long or dragged for no reason. There were some beautiful shots in this movie, I really wish Quentin would direct a sci-fi movie next, though he’s not a fan of the digital world.


The down side of this movie are a couple of scenes which I found misplaced, they just didn’t fit.

If you like brutal movies, watch this one, if you like westerns, watch this one, if you like movies, watch Django Unchained.


+Acting, great characters
+brutal, bloody, violent

-misplaced scenes



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Berserk; Egg of the High King: Review

This post is dedicated to Kal

Berserk (Manga) is the best thing I came across in the Entertainment world. I’ve watched tons of movies, TV shows, cartoons, Anime, read stories, books, novels, and Comics/Mangas. None gave me the feeling when I’m reading the Manga of Berserk. Its themes, settings and story are very brutal; physically and emotionally. I can talk all day about the references, the ideology, the philology of the Manga; but I’ll just review the 1st movie on the upcoming trilogy.

After more than a decade – 15 yrs to be precise – of waiting after the end of the Original TV-anime series. Finally a new project was announce to adapt Berserk manga into the big screen. The project consists of 3 movies covering The Golden Age Arc. The same amount of material which the Original TV-anime covered.


Obviously, 3 movies can’t cover the whole vols./TV-anime. A huge chunk of material will be neglected in the movie. I didn’t complain, I’m familiar with these sorts of things and how producers struggle to take as much as they can to view it in a very short window. The question is did they ?

Yup, They stayed with the manga – unlike the TV adaptation – which is a huge step forward. They started with new voice actors. I didn’t complain, they did a decent job. The soundtrack was brilliant, best thing about the movie. I aslo liked the action scenes, specially that they are – as the manga – brutal and bloody.

On the other hand, I did complain about the use of CGI (computer generated imagery) At moments, when the movement is still, It looks amazing. When there is movement/action it’s lousy, stiff, and dull. Like watching a low budget CGI TV series; you know like our local shows :\ .  We all know that Japanese are not very fond working with 3D CGI.

The use of 3D CGI and merging them with traditional 2D anime style – as the producers said – saves time, and money. I understand that. The project is huge, to release 3 part movie in a single year, but you can’t NOT to complain about it.


What’s also a downside is the shortcuts they made, the material they left wasn’t necessary for the story or the plot, but it did left a gap in the characters developing process. You need to spend more time with The Band of The Hawk – like the manga – to understand and relate to them. It didn’t feel that much in the movie.

All in All I liked the movie, after all this wait it kind of worth it to be honest. I’m looking forward watching the other two.

+great soundtrack
+brutal, bloody action
+true to the source material
+decent voice acting

-lousy 3D CGI
-poor character development



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Concept phone Runs on Coca Cola


As mention by my friend @AAlnaibari from twitter:


The following is an excerpt from [likecool]:
Designer Daizi Zheng has designed an eco friendly phone for Nokia, which runs on Coca-Cola drinks. Yes, its fuel cells generates electricity from carbohydrates(sugar) in the Coke and it can run on any sugary water, not just Coke.


PS Vita in Kuwait

My friend today bought PS Vita (WiFi + 3G) from Markaz AlKuwaiti in Re7ab. He got it with 2 games Uncharted: Golden Abyss,a and Ultimate MArvel vs. Capcom 3 for KD230 the handheld itself is KD180. It’s a lot but it’s imported from Japan which is already more expensive than the western market PlayAsia $540 excluding the shipping costs.

My initial thought was it heavier than the 1st time I held it last Sept in EuroGamer Expo in London. It used to have a rough surface in the back touch pad, now it’s smooth. but it looks great. Of course, it’s free region so you can play games from any region with no hassles.

The downside is: he couldn’t play Uncharted: GA. The reason is the game needs an M2 Vita Card. It will not work with any other M2 card. It is designed to work Only with the PSVita cards, which is stupid. Hopefully our beautiful hackers will do something about it.


I’ll wait for the official Middle-East launch it will be around $250/KD70, it will be sold officially with the world wide launch. So, there’s no way the black market would benefit from any delays in the gulf region launch.

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Nasmith’s Game of Thrones Amazing illustrations

An illustration is a displayed visualization form presented as a drawing, painting, photograph or other work of art that is created to elucidate or dictate sensual information (such as a story, poem or newspaper article) by providing a visual representation graphically. Basically, It’s the work of bringing the imagination to life :)

Ted Nasmith is a Canadian artist, illustrator and architectural renderer. He is best known as an illustrator of J. R. R. Tolkien‘s works The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. I’m pleased to say that he’s currently working on an illustration for 13 castles mentioned in the Game of Thrones original novels A Song of Ice and Fire. As the source mentioned, the artwork will be published with a deluxe, limited edition of Game of Thrones first season. check the picture out ;)

You can check other Ted Nasmith artworks at his site. click here

Sucker Punch – Review

I’ve always loved Zack Snyder’s movies, full of action and amazing Soundtracks. Sucker Punch in the field of Action: Delivers. Solid visual effects to serve the action sequences. I’m looking forward to see what he’s doing for Man of Steel. The idea in sucker punch is very abstract, to implement mere emotions into over the top action is just awesome.


+unique atmosphere
+great visuals
+great fight scenes
+great soundtrack

-lame characters
-missing scene
- too much references makes it boring


Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

Click image to play Game

iStunt2 is a very smooth snow boarding game, even though i was stuck in level 6 but i still loved it


Click image to play the game

TheManWithTheInvisibleTrousers is a cross between platform and puzzle, it has a film-noir style story, it’s well made and will make you think outside the box :)