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Best ALS Ice bucket challenge videos

Tweetthere are tons of these videos all over the web, but two videos stand out in my point of view. 1- the Zero point: this is Patrick Stewarts take on the ALS bucket challenge, because as I understand it, you either get

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how you are still alive

Tweetthis is a cool video on how the ammune system works, the art style is great and the information is detailed but explained in a simplified way.     my favorite part is the Pokemon battle 😛

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The Science of Productivity

TweetAnother awesome video from an awesome YouTube channel.

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10 Useless Human Body Parts

TweetWeird but fun facts

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No more Burnt tongue/mouth

Tweetthis is a reblog from TheDailyWhat: researchers at the University of New Mexico (a city known for chemistry) have created a dissolving oral strip that gives immediate relief and healing to a scalded mouth. Coffee, tea, pizza, or Hot Pocket,

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Real Bears

TweetI better stop drinking sodas -.-

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