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This is hilarious – family guy voice

Tweetwhoever found this out deserves a prize  

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Jurrasic Park in Lego

TweetLego creations in stop otion are always impressive. then someone made a jurrasic part one. its like a tame version of Robot Chicken

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DuckTales intro IRL

Tweetthis is the cutest thing EVER! here’s the video: and the Side by side comparison with the original:   Source

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Real life working BMO

Tweet BMO (pronounced beemo) is a cute little robot character from a show called “Adventure Time” and he is supposed to be a small c0mputer/video game console, he is generally depicted as a side character to the protagonists of the

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Historically accurate Disney princesses

Tweetthis is a cool video, an art and history project that shows what the most famous Disney princesses would look like if they were historically more accurate, base on what people looked like and wore back in the time and

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Kairos French Comic gets an animated trailer.

Tweetand both the comic and the trailer look amazing. French animation company Studio La Cachette has created an amazing hand-drawn animated trailer for Kairos, a comic book by French artist Ulysse Malassagne. Kairos tells the story of Nills, a bespectacled boy on a quest to rescue his girlfriend

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