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Tweetone take amazing video with bike tricks, I really enjoyed watching this drone shot video.    

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Wrestling isn’t Wrestling

TweetI’m not a fan pf wrestling, not by a long shot. but Max Landis made this video, his great story telling and the fun well made video is really cool. it’s full of celebrity cameos and is fun to watch.

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Extreme Parkour – Casually

TweetParkour is a sport that has been rising in popularity in the last decade or two and with the modern day technology and the internet more and more videos of amazing feats in parkour are shown everyday and the bar

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Epic Backhand shot

Tweetthis happened in Kuwait awesome tennis table trick shot is awesome

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Reinventing the fastest forgotten archery

TweetWoow this guy is nuts o.O

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Race Walking is it a sport ?

TweetI don’t think its a proper sport, this point is discussed here, and they bring up some pretty important stuff.  

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