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this guy has Skill and not just in his last name

TweetDanny Macaskill is a great BmX rider and a creative artist, we featured a him in an earlier post [here] but this is something on a completely different level, Enjoy:

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Russian Near Death Crashes

Tweetالفيديو هذا فيه وايد حوادث قاتله لكن محد مات الحمدالله. مع انه روسيا ما عندهم عبدالفتاح العلي وايد لحظات توقف القلب الصراحة.  

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Spin Tires – New Game demo [Kickstarter]

TweetThe other day I was watching Keralis‘ Channel on YouTube, he’s the guy responsible for my on and off Minecraft addiction anyway he had a video of him playing  a game called “spin tires”, its the latest offroad simulator by

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Dwarf Car Museum

Tweetcheck out this amazing collection of tiny cars Man, I would love to own a couple of those. you can check out his site [Here]

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Now that’s a badass Segway

TweetOkay its not really a Segway, but this Multi terrain vehicle is called the DTV Shredder, and I think that its a proper name for this amazing vehicle. check out this article for more info and pics [here], and the video

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Coolest Boat EVER

Tweetwait for it and see how cool this vehicle is. [Link] I totally didn’t see it coming.

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Micro Bicycle

Tweetthis is so Cool, I doubt i can pull something like this off, but I’m glad I witnessed someone who did.   Posted from my Dell Laptop (Again)

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GulfRun Karting Endurance race drivers wanted

Tweet this was submitted by a reader called Omar, just to get the message out there for him:   Hello my name is Omar, and I need some drivers to participate with me in a 24 hr kart race. I

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F1 Car plays the US National Anthem

Tweetthis is a real awesome video of a Formula one car revving the Star Spangled banner theme song.   i think it’s controlled by computer or something, i really would like to know how they did this.

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4-seconds pit stop

Tweetمايسوون لنا بنجر لول

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Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5

Tweetyeah this is pretty awesome, i first knew of it by Q8Stig a few days ago,   i Love it more than the last one, yet i love the first Gymkhana video the most.  

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Biggest Rims Ever!

Tweetthese guys have really huge rims,   how can you even drive that thing ?? it’s like GTA with cheat codes

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Archaeopteryx: Fly with your feet

Tweetthis is an amazing glider powered by the pilot himself, i would love to try this thing, it looks amazing no Engine, nice glide in a nice place, sounds like a great experience

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Crashing LEVEL 80

Tweethow to do this without apparent damage to your car ?

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Redneck Towing

TweetLOL, Epic.

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Speaking of Bikes..

TweetTwo Fictional Bikes have become reality recently and I thought I want to share with you guys. First off we have Kanaeda Bike from the Japanese Animated movie Akira videos of this bike were all over the Internet Last week

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Drifting Motorcycles Crossing

Tweetthis is an Epic Gymkhana style drifting with sports bikes.   i loved the middle part when all three do tricks together.. AWESOME!

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600hp Toyota Camry

TweetSpeaking of Cars, I know a bunch of people that will like this.   a Camry is not usually what you’d call a sporty car, well not this one, this is a specially prepared Camry and better yet, its for sale,

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Car Ballet

Tweetyeah, i never thought that I’d see this either shout out and Thanks to Bridget for the the tip

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This Looks like fun…

Tweetrecently I’ve been seeing these scooters in Kuwait usually in malls and Supermarkets used by old people but this is a modified one of course.. Quote from the video description : “This is my WORLD RECORD HOLDING Fastest mobility scooter

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