Spin Tires – New Game demo [Kickstarter]

this is the gameplay quality

this is the gameplay quality

The other day I was watching Keralis‘ Channel on YouTube,

he’s the guy responsible for my on and off Minecraft addiction :P

anyway he had a video of him playing  a game called “spin tires”, its the latest offroad simulator by oovee game developers and its still in its beta stage, but the gameplay and graphics is great and its from an independent game developer, so I tried it as well.


I really loved it and I would like you guys to go try it out and maybe chip in to make this game possible, sincerely I’ve been into indie games a lot recently and some developers have great abilities and creativity; some far beyond the developers behind flagship titles and big corporations, just like Warframe and Minecraft.

it has eight wheels! EIGHT!

it has eight wheels! EIGHT!

  • check out their Kickstarter [here].
  • download the demo [here].

GulfRun Karting Endurance race drivers wanted

this was submitted by a reader called Omar, just to get the message out there for him:


Hello my name is Omar, and I need some drivers to participate with me in a 24 hr kart race. I am taking this race seriously so there are some important things that I want from the driver:

  •  has experience in motor racing (important)
  •  someone fit
  •  over 18

If you see  these necessities in you, and would like to join, email me: nixonq8@hotmail.com
Send me an email talking about your talent and any achievements that you have accomplished. Also, if you know anyone interested please tell them about this. 
Thank you for your time.


OK, Good Luck for the guys participating, and although I love the idea, but I’m not a professional Kart driver, and i hope you guys win.

[here] are some pics from the race last year, check it out

600hp Toyota Camry

Speaking of Cars, I know a bunch of people that will like this.


a Camry is not usually what you’d call a sporty car,

well not this one, this is a specially prepared Camry

and better yet, its for sale, about 85,000KD only.

buying this will get you the fastest Toyota ,

but it might not be legal in to drive Kuwait though :P.


the following video might not be good for Saudi people,

or anyone that likes Camry and تفحيط  :P


For more Info, pics and videos go [Here]