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TSF Launcher – Android Launcher

TweetSo today I want to share with you this amazing Android Launcher, I have always loved launchers ever since I got my first Android back in 2010. and I’ve always been experimenting with the customization that you can do to

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LineZeta – Gaming on mobile

Tweet I’m happy to introduce to you a wonderful mobile game called “LineZeta”. The game is a mixture of Bejeweled and Super Robot Wars, it is a puzzle game with robots, you have to line up cores (or jewels) to

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The Anatomy of an Android OS update – infograph by HTC

Tweetthis is an amazing Infograph detailing the work needed to put out an update for Android by the HTC  since Google announces it (most OEM’s have a similar procedures), till it reaches the consumer, its a long process so no wonder they

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Gamestick – a quick review

Tweet note: all the images used in this post are taken from Google, because I’m lazy.     What is it?   GameStick is an android based gaming console, it has a very small form factor making it very portable,

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Super Monsters Ate My Condo – a game

Tweet I randomly Installed this game on my android, its a great puzzle game where you have to match the colors of the condo’s to make a high tier of condo. its a simple idea, but with the addition of

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Ubuntu for Phones

Tweet   Ubuntu is known mostly as the Linux based OS for computers, but news surfaced on Christmas about an Ubuntu mobile OS, just like samsung’s TIZEN, this OS will compete with Android and iOS devices, personally I used Ubuntu for about

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GameStick – promising gaming console

Tweetyou might have heard of “Ouya“, its an Android based gaming console, GameStick is a similar console but the difference is the design, its shaped a lot like the Android TV I bought earlier [Review] with an HDMI output and

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Army of Darkness Defense: Android Game

Tweet This game is addictive. It’s based on the famous horror franchise Evil Dead. To be precise on the 3rd part, Army of Darkness. I don’t play games on the phone that much, but this one is freaking awesome. Android

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TIZEN – Samsung/Intel OS

Tweet   this is not really news, information on this OS has been floating around the internet for months now (and most sources here are from 2011), but I decided to look at this OS that is a probable threat to

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Miniand MK802 Android TV – Review

Tweet The other day I was lurking YouTube and I found this type of Android Devices, they weren’t phones or tablets, but they were TV Media Players, this is not really a review of this device, but is more like a

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Android 4.1 (Jellybean) for S3 , arrived

TweetJust got the latest update for my Samsung Galaxy s3 Android 4.1(jellybean) It’s rolling out in the gulf as we speak. Expect to have yours shortly  

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Cute Kittens in slow motion flying to Dubstep

Tweetwell the title says it all, Enjoy!   XD [Source]

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Nexus 7

TweetNexus 7 is the latest tablet made by Asus for Google. I just bought it from PC World here in London. What caught most of our attention, when it was announced, is the price tag on Google’s newest gadget. I

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The ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity – a review


TweetI finally Received my ASUS Tablet that i was waiting for so long, you can check a Pro unboxing Article Here. here are the Specs of this Tablet: NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 Quad-core CPU running @1.6 GHz 10.1 inch Full HD

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Android Apps of the Week – CooLooserTech

TweetEpisode 143 of CooLooserTech is full of really awesome games, EVEN the live wallpaper is epic.  

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Android Games – Gravity Project & Epic Raiders


TweetIt’s been a while since I posted any games on Android, I don’t play that much. anyway here are 2 games I liked the 1st is very similar to the classic Pepsi Man om PS1. It’s called Gravity Project    The other

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All you need to know about Android’s Jellybean 4.1

كل ما تريد معرفته عن نسخة أندرويد 4.1  جيلي بين    Ardroid   أردرويد

Tweet ArDroid did an amazing detailed post about the new ver. of Android I advice everyone to check it out. Personally I liked how Google is trying to optimize what they did in Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. The previous update

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Google I/O Conference


TweetSo I went to GUST with Mephisto to check out the live stream of Google’s event Input/Output. It was streamed on a projection, it was fun. I hope other companies would do same things as Google did. The conference was long like

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Google I/O in Kuwait.

Tweet Google is doing the event simultaneously in all major regions around the world. I am very excited about the event specially the for the new update Jellybean. Is this the first event held by Google in Kuwait? Hope it’s

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Sharp AQUOS Android: Feel UX

TweetA new Challenger approaches. Sharp designed their own Android interface “Feel UX” . Just like Samsung’s TouchWiz and HTC’s Sense. Looks slick. Now I wanna try it, I’m hoping independent developers will import this as a costum ROM to Samsung

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