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Every Variety of Average Vegetable

Tweetyou think you know your vegetables? click the image below to look at the variety of Veggeis, this is only the average home vegetables, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t even cover half of them.

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The Banana Guy

Tweetafter the woman who lives in a pink world, this guy living in a banana world shows us his banana place, Now I thought I loved banana’s, turns out I’m not even close. on the other hand this kid is

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Amazing Cotton Candy

Tweetthis guy is a cotton candy sculpture I loved the colors he made.

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Gangnam St- Chicken


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Bloggers Campaign in Ramadan – حملة المدونين في رمضان

Free Rice Donation Page   World Food Program USA

Tweetصديقي اللطيف والخفيف flan ben 3illan طرح علي فكرة أنه نسوي عمل خيري برمضان فعطاني موقع Free Rice تسويلك اكاونت وادش مسابقه صغيرة حسب التخصص اللي تختاره واتجاوب وتنطرح عليك اسألة اختيار من متعدد واسألة بسيطة على كل سؤال صح

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Blowing up a Watermelon with rubber bands

TweetHave you ever seen someone blow up a watermelon with rubber bands? I didn’t think so, you’re welcome استغفرالله يلعبون بالأكل

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Pizza Cupcakes


Tweet I am sooooo gonna participate in P2BK next year, because these cupcakes will bring all the boys to the yard, damn right its pizza cupcakes, YUMMM! Check out the [Source] for more pics and the recipe

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McDonalds Burger PhotoShoot

Tweetever wondered why McDonalds burgers look better in the pics? this is how the burgers get made for the shoot   technically its not any different, its just that “Food Stylists” don’t work at McDonald’s Outlets. Source [Here]

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All the Heinz Options

TweetLoving the rainbow of options offered by Heinz, they probably have more things too :p click the image for full size. [Source]

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The Rise of the Sushi Making Machines.

TweetThese are two Really short vidoes of machines in Action.   Nigiri   Maki

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MameShiba, Weird Japanese Ads

Tweetthey are amazing, if you can withstand Japanese dry humor   Mameshiba are a decidedly unappetizing race of dog-faced legumes that spout bizarre, unsolicited trivia nuggets. They initially starred in a series of 20 interstitials produced by the Tokyo-based advertising agency Dentsu. Here are all 20, in chronological

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Fresh Guacamole – Stop Motion

TweetThis video channel “PES”  is famous for its Stop Motion videos, the latest one is magnificent

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Sprinkles Cupcake ATM

TweetThis is an Amazing idea involving Cupcakes, especially since P2BK is on these days, I’m just saying they might like it. :p    

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Dark Vader Burger

TweetIt’s in France,and it’s real. George Lucas knows how to promote his oversold franchise. This will be sold in celebrating Star Wars I: the Phantom Menace in 3D :/ Seems like the buns are filled with artificial colors to make

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Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper


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The Ultimate Hamburger – Modernist Cuisine

Tweeti know many bloggers have been interested in the “Best Burger in Kuwait” but this for sure is the Ultimate Burger. Ever. you may never have it, but it’s cool to know what the ultimate burger is. (btw it takes 36

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Doritos Spill

Tweetthis story is like something out of a joke, a container of Doritos was found washed up on a beach on the outer banks of North Carolina   the doritos look intact and people were gathering them from the beach

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Rainbow Burger

Tweetthis is very weird look burger here, i wonder what it tastes like.   on second thought i don’t think this is edible [Image: Source]

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How Corn Flakes are made ?

TweetVery boring T_T I dont why I posted this

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The Walking Taco – Tutorial

Tweet  When the weather gets hot, sometimes you just need an extra-easy, extra-portable meal. So, if my childhood trips to summer camp taught me one thing about mobile food, it’s this: there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a walking taco

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