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Introducing Scott from “Scotts Pizza tours”

TweetHe’s the Pizza Box Nerd i gotta say everyone has a hobby, and the video is also educational

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Abundant supply of Mentos

TweetMentos Arabia seems to have joined Facebook and Twitter, and from the look of their Facebook wall posts, they seem to be distributing a lot of free Mentos bundles. The page rather looks exciting; you might want to check it

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“Epic Meal time” meets “FPSRussia”

Tweetremember this  Russian Guy ? Apparently he made a video with epic meal time, check it out. it doesn’t make sense why they made a collaboration, but “it’s a fucking good Internet video, Bitch”

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Chicken Noodles – Recipe

Tweet نزلت المطبخ اليوم وكنت مشتهي نودلز بس نودلز اندومي حده ميت حسيت نفسي لاجئ لما كنت بسوي فقلت أألف شي وطلع معاي دياي نودلز المقادير صدر دجاج نودلز اندومي نكهة دجاج –كلش مو دعاية ثوم مبشور زيت بلسمك صلصلة

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Pancake – Home Made Recipe

Tweetاليوم سويت روحي كيوت وسويت بانكيك, وطلع نار وشرااار طبعا دشيت النت ودورت يمين يسار لقيت خوش وصفة وزدت عليها حبتين وهوبالالا سويت البانكيك الشراري المقادير – طبعاً هذا لشخص واحد بيضة ملعقة ونص طحين أبيض , لاحد يسوي روحه

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NYC Dining Car – فكرة قوية و تنفيذ ممتاز

Tweet   Imagine eating a fancy six course meal in a subway car, perfect to the last detail like any fancy restaurant. this is the idea of Johnny Cigar and was made true by: A Razor, A Shiny Knife Studio

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Jelly-O in slow motion

TweetShot in 6200 fps. watch it in HD

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PSP Tempura

Tweeti know japanese people are crazy, but this….   i just too fucking Crazy

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Reverse Sandwitch

Tweet by Insanewiches

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the “make it yourself japanese candy sushi” kit

Tweetlearn to make sushi yourself, candy sushi that it. it’s more like a chemistry set 0.o

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Forhead to Mouth, cookie eating Skillz

Tweet “Robbie gets cookie from forehead to his mouth for $10.00.”

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Epic meal time + Barely political

TweetNotice: Explicit language, also the content ( the food ) is not suitable for people with heart disease 

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Merry Christmas o Bel 3aafia


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Gelato IceCream

Tweet On Monday Ace, Mephisto, and I went to the Book Fair in Mishref. I bought “The Alchemist”  by Paulo Coelho –Arabic Version– Anyway, after that we went to hawalli to try Gelato IceCream. It was amazing. I went there just

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Home Made Sushi: 1st attempt

TweetToday I tried to cook some Sushi. It was delicious but I need more ingredients next time.

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really cute reactions.

TweetBabies eating lemons

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Everything has touch screen these days

Tweet but its still nice

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Spaghetti Harvesting

Tweet an April’s fool that was shown on TV in 1957 by BBC

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dot dot dot

TweetThis is a post. In this post there is a picture. In this picture there is a tarantula, …and a banana. Warning: Proceed at your own risk.

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Junk Food – a long Inforgraph


Tweet okay now that you have seen the infograph about sugar (Click Here if u havent seen it yet), i present to you todays long infographic about Fast food, even though i prefer Junk food as the name, but they

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