Strike Vector – first look

this is Part 2 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

and I am right now considering to buy this game, because so far it looks really good.



Strike Vector is a fast paced fighter jet multiplayer game, it reminds me a bit of Warhawk or StarHawk but its faster and insanely good looking gameplay, I love how the camera is used in Strike Vector and it gives the player a feeling of high speed action dog fighting.

its an indie game made by four developers and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this game.




the “Vectors” are upgradable jets and with great customizations that fit different play styles, ranging from stealth vectors to heavy armed death machines.

for a better look at the customization system you can view this video [here].

so many explo

so many pretty missiles and explosions


no amount of words can explain how awesome the game is,

so this is a video trailer of the game.



the game is released on Steam right now, I will most likely buy this game and if/when I do I will write a full review of the game.

  • Game Official Site [Here]
  • Game Page on Steam [Here]

Space Engineers – First Look

this is Part 1 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

I would like to note that both these games are still in their early stages,

but the content is interesting and I recently purchased this one

and its been an cool experience so far, so first off is:


Space Engineers 




this game is to put it simply, Minecraft in space.

You build spaceships (two categories consisting of small and big ships) and space stations,

and you have to design the ships with consideration to gravity, size, power needed

and gyroscopes for balance, sounds like an easy idea right ?


look at these large ships:


well actually the game is a bit hard to get a grasp on the controls at first, and as of this writing the game is only available as creative mode which means materials are always available and the ships can be built in whatever your imagination can come up with,

you can look up the game on YouTube and you’ll find people like SAGE with absurdly huge and detailed ships, and other players that have amazing projects all over the web.

here’s an example of “small” fighting ships by SAGE:



why should you buy this game now in its Alpha stage?

because u can build a ship the size of the titanic and crash it into another ship and see the damage and piece flying in space, honestly I bought it cause I saw a lot of potential in this game and I think this could go into one aspect Minecraft would never go to; the depth of space, and you get to be creative and design ships and pilot them/fight them. 

this fighter ship is by Flicker and its called Spitfire, inspired by Prometheus

this fighter ship is by Flicker and its called Spitfire, inspired by Prometheus

please note that there are tons of ships accessible through the steam workshop [here] and space engineers official community site [here] and modding fan site [here] for you to add to ur game, and other mods like changing the gray space background and what not, which shows that this game has a thriving community and a good fanbase so far.

My goal right now is to build the White Base from the first Gundam Series, here are two pics of the battleship:

white_base_4_by_computergenius-d36gejl White-base

and we will see how it works out, meanwhile check the game out:


  • find it on Steam [Here]
  • official page [Here]
  • SAGE Youtube Channel [Here]

Gamestick – a quick review


note: all the images used in this post are taken from Google, because I’m lazy.



What is it?


GameStick is an android based gaming console,

it has a very small form factor making it very portable,

its made by PlayJam and the project was initiated in Kickstarter,

their campaign was very successful reaching over $650 thousand dollars.

and the GameStick is available now for the very low price of $80.


GameStick console stored-580-90


The hardware


being an Android based device the GameStick

is internally very similar to the hardware found on smartphones and tablets,

on the outside it resembles a flash drive but with an HDMI instead if a USB tip,

anyone familiar with the Android based Tv boxes will quickly recognize the form factor.


here are some of the tech specs of the GameStick :

  • MALI™ – 400 GPU
  • Onboard Storage 8GB
  • 32GB Micro SD Card Support
  • Built in 802.11 b/g/n Wifi
  • 1080p Video Playback
  • Bluetooth® 4.0
  • 1 x Micro USB Port (Stick)
  • 1 x Micro USB Port (Controller)
  • Bluetooth® HID Android Compatible Controller


I think the hardware would’ve been better, but the device works and boots just fine,

the beauty of the GameStick is that it fits right into the Controller in a specially design bay

which makes it easier to pack and just adds to the portable feel of the device.

I think the build quality of both the GameStick and the controller are superb,

and I found the controller to be very responsive and it feels sturdy in the hand.



but I should note that the GameStick needs an External power source,

usually powered by a USB if your TV has one, or the supplied power brick.

the GameStick uses a standard Micro USB to power up,

and that makes it kinda less portable.


this is the kickstarter edition GameStick, just like the one I have

this is the kickstarter edition GameStick, just like the one I have


The Software and Games
I really liked the interface of the GameStick,

it is a very simple and clean UI that really fits the console,

I had no problems setting up and starting my gaming,

on the UI you can do everything like manage wallet,

you can view your games and purchaces,

by visiting to the GameStick Market (also accessible by browser),

but unfortunately this device doesn’t have the Google Play Market,

and so the user cannot access the apps outside the GameStick Market.


as for the Games there is a good but short list of games that is growing,

I have tried a handful of games and all of them played smoothly and just great,

the games are of course optimized to be played with a controller,

and so they play just as well.


its critical for GameStick to add more games to the catalog because this is what gives

them an edge over competition (Like Ouya),

which is something I’m looking forward to right now.



the GameStick is a gaming console,

its cheap but it doesn’t compete with PlayStation, Wii or Xbox in terms of games,

and the hardware (specs) while can be better but is performing well with current content.

speaking of the games I really wish I could use the games I purchased on my smartphone,

but I have to buy them from the GameStick, although they are cheap at $1-$5 each,

and I really wished for an emulator, a major downside is that I cannot Download such apps from the Play Market.


on the plus side, the GameStick is a fun device to play with

and is cheap console alternative for the younger children or the casual gamers,

and as for PlayJam I think its a good device  as a first portable big screen console,

I would love to see how the GameStick evolves,

so I will continue to support PlayJam to see how far they can go with this.


for more information, or if you’d like to buy GameStick go [Here]

How to Pick the Perfect Video game

or simply play “The Last of us”

- Click Image for Full Size-


High Noon 2 – Android & iOS Game

Do you remember playing high noon?

well guess what, High noon 2 is coming out pretty soon and it looks good.

high noon 2

High Noon 2 is the sequel to the hit iOS game High Noon, which has been downloaded 12 million times. High Noon 2 is a cowboy shooter game, where the gameplay is designed around the device’s accelerometer for more realistic holstering, aiming, and reloading.

The upgrades in High Noon 2 from the original game include high-res graphics and 3D animated cowboys and cowgirls, with more features being added later on.

High Noon 2 is set in High Noon Gulch, where players can find each other in the Saloon or use the Wildcat feature to be randomly matched with other players from around the world for one-on-one real time duels. Players use silver they win during duels to customize their avatars with weapons, clothing, and special items. Certain items can only be unlocked and purchased once players reach specific levels. Each player has a reward on their head, which increases as they win duels and helps them climb the global and regional leader boards. High Noon 2 is coming to Android and iOS devices worldwide in July 2013.

Here are some screenshots:

Stay tuned for a full review of the game soon.

Meeting Kojima

Yesterday was the launch Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. To celebrate the launch GameUK invited Kojima for a midnight event of the Game.


The 1st 200 people who’ll get there will receive the game from Kojima and character designer Shinkawa. I came in the morning. Saw a bunch of MGS nerds scattered around Westfield shopping centre. Fortunately they hand out queue numbers.


No one wants to stand from 10am til midnight. I grabbed my numbered . Then, came back at 10pm. They stood us outside which was like -2 yup freezing .


At the end Kojima & Shinkawa arrived. It was awesome, we talked MGS a lot. I’m really glad he told us he won’t be rebooting the MGS. Some great things should be left alone. I’ve met some great guys there. Taking metal gear, cyborgs and snakes.



The let down was he didn’t sign any game, there were, obviously, over 200 geeks here. It would take him til morning to sign. Especially, some guys brought their own MGS games to be signed.

I can’t complain after taking a picture with Mr.Metal Gear