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Q8Con 2015

Tweethey guys, this weekend is very exciting because we have both Q8Con and Qout market. Q8con will have: Art competitions Gaming competitions Local celebrities workshops booths Cosplay (and Cosplayer competition as well) so go check out the event and enjoy.

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Kuwait National Day

Tweet I dont really know what to write here, I’m just happy to be in this wonderful country, on a glorious day with amazing weather, this is a day where all Kuwaiti people show their gratitude towards this country. its

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Don’t be a Douchebag Campaign

Tweeta group of Russian teenagers have been going on a campaign to stop people from driving on sidewalks as a shortcut, so they stop in their way and ask them to go back. its interesting how these offenders react even

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Kuwait’s new Bank Notes printing and designing – الإصدار السادس للدينار الكويتي

Tweet   Sources: Kuwait UPTO Date Facebook Page Central Bank of Kuwait Youtube Page

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Eid Mubarak Everyone!

Tweetonce again here at Lurkerz Blog we wish you a very happy Eid, and holidays filled with joy.  

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Ramadhan Greetings

Tweetfrom the Lurkerz Blog we wish all of our readers a great Ramadhan.  

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Happy National Day everyone !

Tweet Kuwait celebrates its 52nd National day today, all the streets are filled with love, and all the people are showing love for Kuwait, today is a great day <3 Here are some pics on the subject.    

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Jasmine Call 2013 نداء الياسمين

Tweet تشرفت الأمس بحضور الأمسية الخيرية “نداء الياسمين” المقامة في جامعه الخليج  بمشرف لإغاثة المتضررين من الشعب السوري. و إقامت الحفل الجمعية الثقافية الاجتماعية النسائية برعاية وزير الإعلام الشيخ سلمان الحمود الصباح و عدد من الشركات الكويتيه, و تميزت الإمسية

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Django Unchalined: Kuwait run time vs. Original run time

TweetI’ve reviewed the latest Tarantino movie Django Unchained [Here]. I’ve downloaded a DVD Screener ver. Via torrent (guilty) I couldn’t wait for it to be released here. Also, the censorship is just unbearable. Here’s the run time between Kuwait &

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Mr.Babu: local online store

TweetThis is a pretty good idea. A new online store just opened Mr.Babu, I think it’s integrated with Amazon. You place your order and they will bring your items as the price shows, with no extra shipping costs. MrBabu

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Raven Dice: local online boardgame store

TweetI posted previously about Jester a local online boardgame store. A couple days ago I stumbled upon another boardgame online store Raven Dice. I really love playing boardgames I have like 10 of them now, some we play regularly every

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دولة الإنترنت الديموقراطية

TweetThis article goes to the most positive person in my timeline @Rawanotions أُسدل الستار قبل أيام على معرض الكتاب, في كل عام تتجمع دور النشر العربية والمحلية في المعرض لعرض آخر الكتب في شتى مجالات الحياة. وفي كل عام تظهر

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Ideas Owners 3rd Annual meet

Tweetthe third annual Ideas Owners event is taking place next week in Kuwait. its taking place this Monday on the 26th to Wednesday 28th of November 2012. and its going to be in AUK like last year.  

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The Hobbit, exclusive at Grand Cinemas??

Tweet Grand Cinemas opened in Kuwait in last Eid. They did a really good job by playing Skyfall exclusively at their theater. I really liked their seating, very comfy. my friend the other day told me GC will release-one of

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Impurity: Short Kuwaiti movie

Tweetvery impressive job guys

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IamJester local online boardgame store

Tweetever since last summer my friends & I been playing boardgames through the whole weekend. games like: settlers of Catan king of Tokyo Power Grid Game of Thrones Dixit Carcassonne I’ve just stumbled upon a local online store IamJester, which has a small

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Skyfall will be exclusive to Grand Cinema

Tweetغراند سينما هي أول سينما سيتم افتتاحها بعد انتهاء عقد احتكار شركة السينما الكويتية موقعها سيكون في مجمع الحمرا مول وستفتح أبوابها بانطلاقة قوية وهي عرض فلم جيمس الجديد Skyfall بشكل حصري في شاشتها سيكون الافتتاح يوم الجمعة القادم قبيل

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Real Bears

TweetI better stop drinking sodas -.-

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The One With The Sunshine Award

Tweet I was nominated by our dear friend Ambrosial Here are the rules: 1. Include the award logo in your post (as you can see it in the header of this post) 2. Answer 10 questions about yourself. (This will

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رحله لغواص كويتي في دوله استوائيه جميله

Tweetthis video was submitted by a reader, its about a trip he made, his hobby is diving and filming under water. you can find his Flickr photo stream [here]. what do you guys think ?   thanks to Mishary for

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