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Jim Hensons Saber-Tooth Puppet “Smilodon Fatalis”

Tweetthe studio of Jim Henson (Muppets) built a sabertooth cat for Page museum “Tar Pits” exhibition and it looks amazing, two puppeteers are required to control the SaberTooth cat, one is inside it and the other remotely controls the head,

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Cats and Lazers, A natural thing

Tweetthis is an awesome Techno music video with cats chacing lazers and great music   at around the end you start to realize how epic this video is, and the effort really shows, Amazing. Source

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Cute Platypus

Tweetthis is the cutest thing you’ll see all day, I guarantee it

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The Dinosaur Pet Guide – Infographic

TweetClick image for full size Click image for full size

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These Birds are Goofy

Tweethilarious video of Emu’s playing with a weasel toy

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the Spider by Milena Sidorova

Tweeta ballet dance routine by a very flexible lady, I think its a bit funny yet at the same time she’s really skilled. speaking of funny spiders, check this spider that fails in hiding. I laughed so hard at this

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Weirdest Sharks in the Sea!

TweetO.o the last two were just freaky

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This pony is Awesome

Tweetand I didn’t see that coming. Epic video ūüėõ do your own pony mix here

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True facts about the mantis

Tweetby fake morgan freeman Epic

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I don’t like watermelon


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Tweetremember when I posted epic dubstep goat ? (No? click here) well this is Goat beatbox. I lol’d so much and replayed it like 3 times. poor goat. XD  

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Bear Safety tips

Tweetthey are really simple. that was fucking confusing :<

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Epic Dubstep Goat

Tweetits like a beat boxing goat, or Dubstep remix goat, whatever it is I love it LOL

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This sheep sounds weird

Tweetseriously LOL what the hell?  

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Samurai Dog

Tweetthis is ADORABLE :3 Source

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Crow feeds the pets

Tweetthis image is epic, i LOVE crows because they are really smart birds, the dog seems to be forced to eat, the crow is a bully XD

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Animal Impressions

Tweetthis asian guy is pretty good at animals sounds, check it out: this is a list of animals he’s done: Dog Hurt dog rooster Chicken Female Goat Male Goat Baby Goat Cow Crow Mountain Crow Horse Horse cart Dog begging

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Ninja Goat

Tweetthis midget goat is epic.  

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Cuteness Overload

Tweetbecause we can’t do without any cuteness on the blog ¬† this is really adorable, I want *-*

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Cheerleader Crab

Tweetthis is so awesome, and kinda cute.   hehehe it needs music.

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