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memes in real life

Tweetthanks to this gentleman calle Eric Ho, you can now buy your favorite memes in physical form. some examples follow: (Heavy breathing Cat) buy here (courage Wolf) buy Here and my favorite (Yee) buy here check out the store here for

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Meme Hunters

Tweetthis is a creepy little collaboration video by 4 people behind some of the memes. I love the idea of this video, but sadly I only know two of these people. I will give links to their meme pages: Good

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Bad Luck Brian – now on YouTube

TweetBad Luck Brian is a popular meme based on a guy with a terrible picture. the owner of the picture (I don’t know his real name) decided to go public and he recently opened his own YouTube channel, because if there’s

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When I surf Kuwaiti Blogs


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Eduard Khil 2 – the legend is back

TweetLOOOOOL qetalni his facial expression moo 9ij XD   R.I.P. Eduard Khil X’D

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Overly Attached Girlfriend

Tweetthis is one video i suspected would go viral two weeks ago, and the “overly attached girlfriend” meme is REALLY out there these days and sure enough the girl came up with a second video, this time it’s a cover

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