Lara Croft Evolution and Tomb Raider definitive Edition.



Lara Croft is a prominent character in video games and is very well known in movies as played by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, personally I have only played the most recent Tomb Raider game on the PC and really loved it, I think that this reboot might bring back the glory Tomb Raider had in the past, because the series wasn’t going so well in recent years.


now with the release of the new gen consoles, the team behind the new Tomb Raider from last year had been working hard on an all new Lara, she looks even better than the PC version with all the enhancements, and they called it “the defenitive Edition”.

check out this video on the details.


as for the Lara’s before, check out the Infograph for a full list of Tomb Raider games.

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Cool Places: The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland


The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Scotland. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Named after the nearby town of Falkirk in central Scotland, the lift opened in 2002 [source]. A beautiful place, specially at night.


To check the place on the map click here.

here is a video about The Falkirk Wheel.

YouTube Rewind 2013

2013 is almost over, so Youtube celebrates all the popular videos, music and viral content in this one crazy mash-up.



I loved all the YouTube Celebrities here, like Jenna Marbles, Mystery Guitar man, Epic Meal Time, Glozell, Laina, Alex Day and Many other amazing people.

I love YouTube and I spend a lot of time watching, so this yearly YouTube tradition is really awesome.

check out the playlists:

Top Trending Viral Videos

Top Trending Music Videos


Here’s to 2014 YouTube videos, Viral content and memes :D

AZO tricks and stunts 2013

this guy has been doing tricks and stunts year after year even before our blog, and he’s been getting better and better every year. I’m sure if you look around our blog you’ll find two or three of his earlier videos in, doesn’t matter though. here’s the 2013 video.


inFORM – Dynamic Shape Display

years and years ago people used to have tactile input on mobile devices,

now replaced with touch screen interface as a standard, we lack the old tactile feel while using phones.



Enter inFORM, part of the MIT group called “Tangible Media Group“, they are working on creating a tangible user interface (TUI) instead of a graphical user interface (GUI), I love how inFORM works and I really wish in the future this technology will be compact enough that we can have a dynamic physical input in our pockets, inFORM has the ability to manipulate objects, display information and take input all in a tactile pixels interface rather than visual or graphical pixels interface.


check out the video below and the sources linked after:


  • inFORM official page, video source [here]
  •  the Tangible Media page [here]

Meme Hunters

this is a creepy little collaboration video by 4 people behind some of the memes.

I love the idea of this video, but sadly I only know two of these people.

I will give links to their meme pages:

  • Good Girl Gina [Here]
  • Sheltered College freshman [Here]
  • Bad Luck Brian [Here]
  • Overly attached girlfriend [Here]