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Historically accurate Disney princesses

Tweetthis is a cool video, an art and history project that shows what the most famous Disney princesses would look like if they were historically more accurate, base on what people looked like and wore back in the time and

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Dubai Flow Motion

TweetMany people in Kuwait like to go to Dubai, the beautiful country full of activities and rich with a culture similar to Kuwait, I don’t think there’s much I can say because we all know how good Dubai is, so

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This Kinetic Insect Lamp

Tweet Korean artist U-Ram Choe uses resin, magnets, electric motors, CPU boards, and LEDs to create these amazing kinetic lamp/sculptures that are based on the morphology of insects. When switched on, the creatures light up and start gently moving. Beautiful.

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Paint – a Lego short

Tweetthis is a very cool stop motion video of a guy painting in Lego bricks, I love the details in this video and the sound effects make it look perfect.

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Planes Eye Candy

TweetThis amazing sped up video of an airport makes, planes look like shooting stars or something. Airplanes Look Like Epic Shooting Stars in The Air Traffic 2! from Milton Tan on Vimeo. recommended HD full screen with headphones.

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Lara Croft Evolution and Tomb Raider definitive Edition.

Tweet   Lara Croft is a prominent character in video games and is very well known in movies as played by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, personally I have only played the most recent Tomb Raider game on the PC and really

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just an old desk with old desk stuff

TweetThis video will surprise you, at least twice source [Here]

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Cute Baby doodles

TweetAmber wheeler took a few photos of her son, then she made a few sketches on them and they turned out really cute.

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Myth Busters painting the Mona Lisa

Tweet this is the fastest painted Mona Lisa Ever made.   View full video [Here]

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The Pixel Painter

TweetI was really impressed with this old gentleman’s pixel art, check it out. Hal Lasko, better known as Grandpa, worked as a graphic artist back when everything was done by hand. His family introduced him to the computer and Microsoft

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Time Travel in movies

Tweet  click for full size (external source)   source

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Game of thrones – on Cello

Tweetthis is amazing, too good I would say

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An Art Called Code Bending

Tweetan Amazing way to manipulate the game into making a form of music and visual art by hacking the game, check it out:   super mario spacetime organ (illucia & soundplane) from paperkettle on Vimeo.

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Lumilor – Electroluminescent paint that you will like

Tweet we live in the future, and by that I mean this technology is something that will change many things we see in our world, what is Lumilor?   its a kind of paint that can be lit up with

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Breaking Bad Fan Art by Scott Mitchell

Tweeta great piece of art, check out his site for more amazing stuff. [LINK]  

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Everyday Super Heroes

Tweet this is an art project by Greg Guillemin about things that super heroes do, but it’s not usually shown in the comics. here are a few more:   I love the idea but watch out because some of them contain

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Art – Mirror Man and Salt Installation

Tweetthese are two amazing “Art” pieces that I came across reading Cracked article [Here]   1- Mirror Man by uknown:   this is an unknown street performer that has a suit made out of mirrors, the idea is amazing and

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Tweeta compact 3D drawing pen, its a simple tool to draw objects, your lines can turn into a piece of art instantly no need for computers. it’s basically a pen shapes 3D printer. a really great Idea, what do you think

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WesterosCraft – a game of blocks

TweetI love minecraft. and I like Game of thrones, I think Greak will love this too.   I found this video of  a group of game of thrones fans who are building Westeros. it took about 100 players and over 3,000

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Famous weapons in pop culture

Tweetthis piece of art is really awesome, I’m trying to see if I can get them all. can you tell whose weapons are these? which one is your favorite? check out the artist page for bigger version [Here]

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