Youtube Special: News Interview Remix

one of my favorite aspects of Youtube is the existence of creative remixes of all kinds of things, almost everything has a dubstep remix, a metal remix and an autotune remix, right now I would like to focus on a specific type of remixes on Youtube, Remixed News reports/interviews, because people on the news are weird and they catch the attention of the internet, some go wildly viral and end up with millions of views, here I will be sharing some of my favorites:

1) Antoine Dodson :

The Remix


The Original [Link]

the most famous and popular of this type of video is the “Hide yo kids, Hide yo Wife” guy Antoine Dodson, the words were remixed into a song and it got him famous and I think he made enough money to buy a house in L.A. and he made live performances (like at the webbys awards ceremony).


2) Jacob Isom

The Remix


The Original [Link]

Jacob Isom is a 20 something skater guy, he saved a copy of the holy Quran from being burnt in an angry protest in a public park in Amarillo Texas.

Anyway this guy is a hero for taking away a Quran from being burnt, and the Internet made a remix of jacob Isom when he was on the news for being a man of honor and showing respect to all religions.


3) Diana from Kansas

The Remix [Long version here]


The original [Link]

this lady was in a grocery store when it was robbed, she’s very eccentric and describes what happened and how her “daddy” taught her good.

check this post I made a long time ago on her, including more remixes [Link]


4) Sweet Brown

The Remix & Original in one Video:


for only the remix click Here

sweet brown is one of the most recent meme on this list, she’s a middle aged (I think ) woman who was in a fire, her accent and facial expression was what makes this remix so great, her song along with Jacob Isom’s often get stuck on my mind for hours and hours hehehe.




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The 11 Tag

I’ve been tag by our lovely blogger friend Vainglorious.

So, I have to write 11 facts about me, answer 11 questions she asked,  tag another 11 people, and ask them 11 questions.



11 facts about me:

1- I drive a 1997 jeep Grand Cherokee
2- I can move most of my body muscles individually, while being still
3- I consider all my friends as my best friends
4- I have Scoliosis
5- I cried once watching a movie “A moment to remember”
6- I stopped eating McDonald’s
7- I stopped drinking Sodas. Well, not TOTALLY, but very rarely
8- I believe this country won’t get any better, will be declining until the last drop of oil
9- The only thing I watch on TV (TV stations I mean) are Football matches. All the other things I download from the net, or play video games on TV.
10- From last year, Mastodon became my favorite metal. KoRn new approach is middle-fingering the fans T_T
11- I’ll name my 1st born daughter Arya


1. Where in the world would you like to live?


2. What’s your favorite chocolate?


3. If aliens were real, do you think they’re evil or peaceful?
Evil I hope
4. What’s the best book you’ve ever read?
العواصف – جبران خليل جبران
5. What’s your all time favorite movie?
6. What 3 songs you don’t mind listening to for the rest of your life?
All The Heavy Lifting – Mastodon
Something I Can Never Have – Nine Inch Nails
Blood and Thunder – Mastodon
7. What would you fix in the world?
it’s the people that need fixing, the world is perfect
8. What language would you like to be fluent at?
9. If you had a monkey what would you name it?
la’3loo’3 – لغلوغ
10. What’s your dream job?
11. How much do you love me? ;p
كثر ماينزل مطر , وكثر ما ترمش البشر
I tag:
Summer with Love
His from His&Hers
Crazy Yet Wise
Blue – ChukNum
Ya3gob – Lucky GG
Banana Q8
Mohd – Q8Blend
My 11 Questins:
1- what’s your car, year ?
2- favorite cereal ?
3- do you think we will advance as a nation ?
4- what would you buy with KD 1,000,000 ?
5- do you find 3bdl3azeez almsalm sexy ?
6- would you consider having a tattoo ?
7- what would you do if you were a Member of the National Assembly? / na’eb bl majles
8- did you vote the last elections ?
9- Favorite food ?
10- Favorite Actor ?
11- we all have done this when we were kids, what did you steal from the jam3eya ? :P
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To DO list

Things have been crazy in the last couple of days

with all the Kuwait Liberation day celebrations and what not,

but now Its all going back to normal :3

and there are many things to do

i wanna make a list but nothing like this guy LOL.

but I think you ought to keep a smile on your face right ?

Shout out to @MSKace : Congratulations Man <3