Strike Vector – first look

this is Part 2 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

and I am right now considering to buy this game, because so far it looks really good.



Strike Vector is a fast paced fighter jet multiplayer game, it reminds me a bit of Warhawk or StarHawk but its faster and insanely good looking gameplay, I love how the camera is used in Strike Vector and it gives the player a feeling of high speed action dog fighting.

its an indie game made by four developers and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this game.




the “Vectors” are upgradable jets and with great customizations that fit different play styles, ranging from stealth vectors to heavy armed death machines.

for a better look at the customization system you can view this video [here].

so many explo

so many pretty missiles and explosions


no amount of words can explain how awesome the game is,

so this is a video trailer of the game.



the game is released on Steam right now, I will most likely buy this game and if/when I do I will write a full review of the game.

  • Game Official Site [Here]
  • Game Page on Steam [Here]

Lurkerz Break – Unity Games


today is a bit different, we have some games to showcase but they are not on flash as usual, but instead we’re gonna play some Unity 3D games.

but first lets take a look at Unity, what is it?

where did it come from?

and why are Unity games good?

Unity 3D is a cross platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies, its used to make games for different platforms (Web browsers, PC, Smartphones & Tablets).

the beauty of Unity is that its possible to make the games on any smartphone (including: Android, Blackberry10, iOS, Windows Phone 8) and on any browser.

and the performance will always be good, regardless of whether you are playing on your phone or browser.

this is why the Unity engine is much better than flash games (for the PC) in my opinion,

and also because the games that run on Unity have a big range, by that I mean from games like Angry birds to games similar to Call of Duty with online multiplayer,

the first time I came across some of the games showcased here I was shocked to see that the game ran smoothly and the games seemed like they were made by big gaming companies, and if you check the Unity Game List I’m sure you will find a few games made by big companies, so let’s go through a few simple and free games and try Unity out.


note: that you have to install something called “Unity Web Player” to play these games from your browser.



click image to play game

click image to play game

this game is indeed hot, I have never enjoyed a FPS concept like this before, while this “Trial” is short, but it also shows what to expect from a game that is based on slowmotion gameplay, try it

Megabyte Punch



click image to play Megabyte Punch

the next game is a Robot Brawler and platform kind of game, its basically fighting robots in a castlevania style map, you can upgrade your robot as you go through the level, and the boss fight is amazing.

again this is a preview and the full game is on sale. [Here]


Motor Wars 2

this is a cool Twisted Metal kind of game, and its online. simple idea, a lot of fun.

Click Image to play game

Click Image to play game

Auto Smash 3D

this is either a very old game or just made by weird asian people, but its as fun as stupid the idea is, basically you play a girl that destroys cars by throwing footwear at them.

you can upgrade your shoes and character stats to reach the highest score, I spent more time on this game than I should.

click image to play game

click image to play game


they should make this guy the final boss


There are tons of other games on Unity engine, too many to list here so you can check out Wooglie for more Unity games. and I will post some more later.

if you’d like some flash games instead check out our tags or click [here] for previous game posts.

  • check out the official Unity page [Here]
  • for more Info check the Wikipedia Page [Here]
  • for game list Click [Here]


Spin Tires – New Game demo [Kickstarter]

this is the gameplay quality

this is the gameplay quality

The other day I was watching Keralis‘ Channel on YouTube,

he’s the guy responsible for my on and off Minecraft addiction :P

anyway he had a video of him playing  a game called “spin tires”, its the latest offroad simulator by oovee game developers and its still in its beta stage, but the gameplay and graphics is great and its from an independent game developer, so I tried it as well.


I really loved it and I would like you guys to go try it out and maybe chip in to make this game possible, sincerely I’ve been into indie games a lot recently and some developers have great abilities and creativity; some far beyond the developers behind flagship titles and big corporations, just like Warframe and Minecraft.

it has eight wheels! EIGHT!

it has eight wheels! EIGHT!

  • check out their Kickstarter [here].
  • download the demo [here].

Kairos French Comic gets an animated trailer.

and both the comic and the trailer look amazing.

French animation company Studio La Cachette has created an amazing hand-drawn animated trailer for Kairos, a comic book by French artist Ulysse MalassagneKairos tells the story of Nills, a bespectacled boy on a quest to rescue his girlfriend from strange creatures that kidnapped her into another world.



Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

the first game for today is “Sweatshop” its a game where you play a sweatshop “factory” manager, you have to make the workers make the products with the least cost and the least care for human rights.

Click Image to Play Game

Click Image to Play Game

This game was declined by apple to be an iOS game because they thought it was offensive, on the other hand the developers made this game as a parody to give awareness to people on the subject of sweatshops and factories like that, the game is filled with dark humor and evil managers, also the gameplay, graphics and music are top quality, don’t miss out on “Sweatshop”

the second game for today is Chaotic, which is total and utter chaos.

Click Image to play Chaotic

Click Image to play Chaotic

its a shooter/survival game with random colors and designs,

the goal is to survive as long as posible,

I survived till the 21st wave, how long can you last ?


Bonus Game:

Click the Link for the Ever Classic “Solipskier” Game [Here]


Meeting Kojima

Yesterday was the launch Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. To celebrate the launch GameUK invited Kojima for a midnight event of the Game.


The 1st 200 people who’ll get there will receive the game from Kojima and character designer Shinkawa. I came in the morning. Saw a bunch of MGS nerds scattered around Westfield shopping centre. Fortunately they hand out queue numbers.


No one wants to stand from 10am til midnight. I grabbed my numbered . Then, came back at 10pm. They stood us outside which was like -2 yup freezing .


At the end Kojima & Shinkawa arrived. It was awesome, we talked MGS a lot. I’m really glad he told us he won’t be rebooting the MGS. Some great things should be left alone. I’ve met some great guys there. Taking metal gear, cyborgs and snakes.



The let down was he didn’t sign any game, there were, obviously, over 200 geeks here. It would take him til morning to sign. Especially, some guys brought their own MGS games to be signed.

I can’t complain after taking a picture with Mr.Metal Gear


Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

today I’m gonna share some revamped games with you:


1) ROBOT Unicorn Attack! 

we will start with one of the most famous flash games back in 2011,

this game went viral because of the design and background music,

in this version “Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution” they addded more animals

I personally liked the old version more, but yeah sure why not ?


click Image to play game


2) Super Puzzle Transformer Plus


when I posted this game earlier I was amazed at how creative it was,

and now the “Plus” version has added more to this game,

extra obstacles, more characters and other stuff, check it out:


click image to play game

the only thing I don’t like about this game is the main characters eyebrows XD.


BAD Icecream

this is a new game by Nitrome, a very classic theme game,

kinda like bomberman, as usual nitrome have really good designs and music,

and matching gameplay, enjoy this great game.


click image to play game




GameStick – promising gaming console

"Ouya" popular Android based gaming console

“Ouya” popular Android based gaming console

you might have heard of “Ouya“, its an Android based gaming console, GameStick is a similar console but the difference is the design, its shaped a lot like the Android TV I bought earlier [Review] with an HDMI output and it can be stored in its own controller, the console uses MHL which is a standard that means an HDMI port also provides the power to keep the device on, just like how the USB port can power up gadgets.

the first GameStick Version

the first GameStick Version

the compact and elegant design is what really attracted me to this “gaming” console, the truth is there are many options and possibilities for Android based consoles, my own ASUS transformer infinity tab can play all kinds of games if you connect a controller to the USB port in the keyboard (provided the games supports game pad/controller).

this is the Mark 2

this is the Mark 2

but the differnce in these consoles is that they have their own user interface, a customized Android and maybe even their own market design.

GameStick UI looks nice and clean.

GameStick UI looks nice and clean.

on the other hand the beauty of these consoles is that they are cheaper than the current generation of gaming consoles (Sony PS3, Xbox360, Wii) and they are also great because Android games are much cheaper and sometimes free even, so the cost is significantly less, another issue is that smartphone/tablet games are becoming better and more developed, so I think that the market for these consoles is still young, and its very promising.


you can support GameStick at KickStarter [HERE]

personally i paid $79 to get me one of them, I’d like to see how it plays, you can also read about them in the engadget .