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Mad Max + Go Kart + Paintball

Tweetthis is an Awesome fan made video sponsored by WB (the same people behind the Mad Max video game) It just works somehow in re creating the awesomeness of some of the Mad Max: Fury Road scenes and I love

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The Hateful Eight – Trailer

Tweetthe eighth Quentin Tarantino movie trailer is out, can’t wait to see it. great cast as always.

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DeadPool trailer released. with breakdown

Tweetthe long awaited Deadpool Movie became a reality after a leak footage over a year ago, now (this is the safer version of the trailer, for the Red Band trailer click here)   and as a bonus video this is

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Next James Bond: New Cars, New Games

Tweet Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of the latest James Bond movie, Spectre. As we are teased by the short trailer of the car chase on the streets of Rome, we marvel at the sleek-looking cars used in the

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Pacific Rim Robots – a realistic look

TweetPacific Rim is an amazing geeky summer blockbuster, but is this movie too far fetched? can we make robots this big? this Infographic tells us about Large Robots.   <Click for Full Size>

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Django Unchalined: Kuwait run time vs. Original run time

TweetI’ve reviewed the latest Tarantino movie Django Unchained [Here]. I’ve downloaded a DVD Screener ver. Via torrent (guilty) I couldn’t wait for it to be released here. Also, the censorship is just unbearable. Here’s the run time between Kuwait &

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Sonic the hedgehog fan-made movie

Tweetthis an awesome 20-min movie on the Sega mascot

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The Hobbit, an unexpected journey: Review

TweetAlmost 10 years from the original Lord of the Rings has passed, people still linger of the magical world of Tolkien. Peter Jackson is back on the helm to direct the prequel story to the epic fantasy. frankly, I was

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Pacific Rim : Trailer

TweetMy most anticipated movie of 2013, from one of my favorites directors out there Guillermo del Toro …..released in July.  

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Man of Steel – Official Trailer #2


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2012 Movie Trailer Mashup

Tweet2012 was an amazing year for movies. There were a lot of awesome movies. This trailer is a montage of the movies in 2012 for the full list of the movies used in the video click here

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The Hobbit, exclusive at Grand Cinemas??

Tweet Grand Cinemas opened in Kuwait in last Eid. They did a really good job by playing Skyfall exclusively at their theater. I really liked their seating, very comfy. my friend the other day told me GC will release-one of

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Manborg – Trailer

Tweetthis is an awesome movie, full of geeky stuff and it has that B-movie feel to it.   here are some info from the video description: Half-man, half-cyborg: Manborg. Killed while battling the forces of hell, a supersoldier is brought

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Impurity: Short Kuwaiti movie

Tweetvery impressive job guys

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Trailer: Magic School Bus – The Movie

TweetI want them to make it. seriously I used to love this show when I was a Kid   sometimes fake trailers are better than actual existing movies.

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Wreck-it Ralph: review

TweetYesterday I went to see Disney’s latest CGI movie Wreck-it Ralph. I’ve been excited about this movie like all the gamers out there. It’s fun, lots of it actually. I thought the potential of this movie would wasted. It didn’t.

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Monster Roll: Short Movie

Tweetthis is just awesome sh!t, MUST WATCH Monster Roll from Dan Blank on Vimeo.

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Iron Man 3: Trailer

TweetFavorite avenger, Robert Dawney ftw  

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Skyfall will be exclusive to Grand Cinema

Tweetغراند سينما هي أول سينما سيتم افتتاحها بعد انتهاء عقد احتكار شركة السينما الكويتية موقعها سيكون في مجمع الحمرا مول وستفتح أبوابها بانطلاقة قوية وهي عرض فلم جيمس الجديد Skyfall بشكل حصري في شاشتها سيكون الافتتاح يوم الجمعة القادم قبيل

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Looper: review

TweetLooper is one of those movies that come once every 2-3 years (if not more) the concept of time traveling and changing your past to alter your future was done numerous times. Some movies succeeded (terminator, primer) others not so

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