The Hobbit, an unexpected journey: Review

Almost 10 years from the original Lord of the Rings has passed, people still linger of the magical world of Tolkien. Peter Jackson is back on the helm to direct the prequel story to the epic fantasy.
frankly, I was disappointed to hear that Guillermo del Toro left the set of The Hobbit in pre-production phase. On the other hand, my hopes were up again when the original director took his old place back.
Now, let’s talk about the new 1st part of three. The Hobbit ,an unexpected journey. It’s a difficult situation when you try to have a comeback specially after the huge success of LOTR, but the movie was good, not as good as Followship of the Ring. I’ll state my problems with it later.

I loved the cinematography, top notch nostalgic sets from the original trilogy. It was better due to the fact it was more colorful and wide (all thanks yo the RED Epic camera) it was a wise decision from Jackson to pick this camera for this, thought it needs more light when shooting but the outcome is gorgeous.

Also,  the soundtrack was Epic and powerful. Specifically, the dwarves song. I’ve been humming that tone all week before the premier :-P


The performance was brilliant. Ian (Gandalf) was awesome as ever. Of course Andy Serkis (Golum) was terrific.

One of my problems with An Expected Journey is that the dwarves didn’t have a huge effect on the movie, they had their part but I didn’t relate to any of them except Thorin. The Followship were all huge and had outstanding parts in the plot. The other problem is the movie was cold at the beginning, and some parts in the middle. Other than those problems it was a very entertaining journey.

+amazing cinematography
+powerful OST
+brilliant cast

-cold at moments
-some characters


The Hobbit, exclusive at Grand Cinemas??


Grand Cinemas opened in Kuwait in last Eid. They did a really good job by playing Skyfall exclusively at their theater. I really liked their seating, very comfy. my friend the other day told me GC will release-one of the most anticipating movies and 1st part of a trilogy-The Hobbit exclusively at their theater. I wasn’t sure about that. The Hobbit is a Huge movie to be shown exclusively, BUT I’ve just checked their site Wichita states the release date of The Hobbit Dec13th. On the other hand, KNCC didn’t show any Hobbit in the same date.
UPDATE:  it’s official GC will release The Hobbit exclusively


Manborg – Trailer

this is an awesome movie,

full of geeky stuff and it has that B-movie feel to it.


here are some info from the video description:

Half-man, half-cyborg: Manborg. Killed while battling the forces of hell, a supersoldier is brought back from the dead in order to fight an army of Nazi vampires and demons led by the nefarious Count Draculon. Cue kung-fu killing, stop-motion monster battles, hoverbikes, robots, demons and a character named Doctor Scorpius.

Wreck-it Ralph: review

Yesterday I went to see Disney’s latest CGI movie Wreck-it Ralph. I’ve been excited about this movie like all the gamers out there. It’s fun, lots of it actually. I thought the potential of this movie would wasted. It didn’t. Loved the many references about games out there.


The whole concept is just awesome. The characters were fantastic. The plot was, well it’s a Disney movie so its straight forward & linear. It had so many beautiful ideas from the gaming world. Highly recommended. 8.5/10

Skyfall will be exclusive to Grand Cinema

غراند سينما هي أول سينما سيتم افتتاحها بعد انتهاء عقد احتكار شركة السينما الكويتية

موقعها سيكون في مجمع الحمرا مول

وستفتح أبوابها بانطلاقة قوية وهي عرض فلم جيمس الجديد


بشكل حصري في شاشتها

سيكون الافتتاح يوم الجمعة القادم قبيل عيد الاضحى

نتمنى أن تكون غراند سينما أفضل من سنسكيب

ليس من ناحية تقطيع الافلام ومنعها

فذلك بيد وزارة الاعلام

لكن من خلال تفادي أخطاء و مشاكل سنسكيب

كتبت موضوع بالسابق عن سنسكيب يلقي الضوء على أغلب ما يدور في ذهني تجاهها


وبالحديث بشكل تقني قليلا

غراند سينما مزودة باجهزة عرض
وهي الدقة اللتي ستكون بديلة لل
وكما يقترحه اسم التقنية فهي انقى و اوضح من سابقتها ب4مرات


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Looper: review

Looper is one of those movies that come once every 2-3 years (if not more) the concept of time traveling and changing your past to alter your future was done numerous times. Some movies succeeded (terminator, primer) others not so much.
Looper was an instant classic for me. I loved everything about the movie. The performance of the cast was compelling, the tone of the movie stands out as a powerful contemporary sci-fi.


There were some draggy moments here and there, some cold ones to be precise. All in all it was a great movie. The twists were done superbly, the action scenes are fast, and catchy. There were moments where I went “Ohh Snaaap”

To conclude, Looper is by far one of the best sci-fi movies ever. My favorite movie of this year after TDKR.

+awesome action, direction
+strong performance by the cast

-cold moments