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Real life working BMO

Tweet BMO (pronounced beemo) is a cute little robot character from a show called “Adventure Time” and he is supposed to be a small c0mputer/video game console, he is generally depicted as a side character to the protagonists of the

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Outland & Deadlight – double game reviews

TweetRecently I’ve been playing two side scrolling puzzle platforming games. this is a somewhat popular genre in the recent years with the rise of the indie games, and so I will share with you my experience playing both of these

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LineZeta – Gaming on mobile

Tweet I’m happy to introduce to you a wonderful mobile game called “LineZeta”. The game is a mixture of Bejeweled and Super Robot Wars, it is a puzzle game with robots, you have to line up cores (or jewels) to

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Street Fighter Documentary on Bison

Tweetthis is an amazing video on Mike Bison, it’s a mock documentary on his life and the story behind the boxer in Street fighter 2 i have to say that this is the best quality fan made video i’ve ever

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Space Engineers – First Look

Tweetthis is Part 1 of my first look on two Steam indie games. I would like to note that both these games are still in their early stages, but the content is interesting and I recently purchased this one and

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Lara Croft Evolution and Tomb Raider definitive Edition.

Tweet   Lara Croft is a prominent character in video games and is very well known in movies as played by the gorgeous Angelina Jolie, personally I have only played the most recent Tomb Raider game on the PC and really

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Lurkerz Break – Games

Tweetthe title doesn’t say “flash games” anymore because the first game here is a Unity game. Crash Drive 2 is an online Sandbox car game, where you get a car and you play with people online doing  challenges and stunts

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Gamestick – a quick review

Tweet note: all the images used in this post are taken from Google, because I’m lazy.     What is it?   GameStick is an android based gaming console, it has a very small form factor making it very portable,

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Mirror’s Edge in real life

Tweetthis is impressive, part cosplay part parkour and ALL AWESOME

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its a crazy world out there

TweetMike Tyson playing the old Nes game “Mike Tysons Punch out”   this is gonna be awkward if he can’t beat the final boss “mike Tyson” LOL

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Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

TweetI haven’t featured any flash games for a long time, So get ready for some really fun games today. First off is “Pause Ahead” a platform game with amazing soundtrack and a unique mechanic. check it out.   second game

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High Noon 2 – Android & iOS Game

TweetDo you remember playing high noon? well guess what, High noon 2 is coming out pretty soon and it looks good. High Noon 2 is the sequel to the hit iOS game High Noon, which has been downloaded 12 million

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Do you like SimCity?

Tweetif you like the game, I suggest you don’t watch the following video, this guy (I think Russian) built a perfect city in SimCity 3000, how do I know its perfect? because it took him 1.5 years to study and

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Japanese video

Tweetthis is just a normal game in normal japan. okay maybe NOT

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Warframe is on the Playstation 4

TweetThis was announced at E3, I’m posting this late because I was too busy playing Warframe. watch this PS4 trailer: Amazing, I recommend watching it in HD. start playing >here< and add me “Mephisto73“

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New Gamestick Ad on Youtube

TweetGamestick just released this new ad for their kickstarter funded Portable Adroid based console, I posted on this device earlier [Here] and I backed it on Kickstarter, they are shipping it soon and I’m really excited, Let’s see how this goes

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Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

Tweetthis edition of flash has a really simple game called “Atomic” its pretty much self explanatory, check it out. Next up is JetVelocity2 a space tube style racer. and one last game called “Amazing Sherif” a funny and eally well made

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Lurkerz Break – Flash games

Tweettodays games are a bit early because you will be spending a lot of time playing them lol, first off we have a CoD style first person shooter, this is a flash game using Shockwave 3D and unity engine  so I’m not

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watch someone finish the game “Snake”

Tweetdid you know Snake can be finished ?  the following post is reposted from Blameitonthevoices blog: the game took 13 minutes and 17 seconds to complete (here’s the full, slow version) and the sped-up version (below) is 2 minutes and

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Lurkerz Break – Flash Game

Tweettoday’s game is “Into Space 2” you build a rocket trying to reach space, upgrading it every time you make money reaching a new height or finishing a mission then upgrade some more till you win the game, simple and nice.    

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