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May the 4th be with you

Tweethave a happy Star Wars Day, check out this site for some more StarWars puns. [Here]

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Marvel characters size comparison

Tweetthis is an interesting look at some of the Marvel characters, I gotta say I didn’t expect Wolverine to be such a shorty (click image for full size)

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Cool Places: The Falkirk Wheel, Scotland

Tweet The Falkirk Wheel is a rotating boat lift in Scotland. It connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal. Named after the nearby town of Falkirk in central Scotland, the lift opened in 2002 [source]. A beautiful

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Cute Baby doodles

TweetAmber wheeler took a few photos of her son, then she made a few sketches on them and they turned out really cute.

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Every Variety of Average Vegetable

Tweetyou think you know your vegetables? click the image below to look at the variety of Veggeis, this is only the average home vegetables, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t even cover half of them.

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This is Bliss

Tweetand its my Current wallpaper Love it

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here’s what a colored $1 bill looks like


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Army of Darkness Defense: Android Game

Tweet This game is addictive. It’s based on the famous horror franchise Evil Dead. To be precise on the 3rd part, Army of Darkness. I don’t play games on the phone that much, but this one is freaking awesome. Android

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Crow feeds the pets

Tweetthis image is epic, i LOVE crows because they are really smart birds, the dog seems to be forced to eat, the crow is a bully XD

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Chocolate chips and Gold Bricks

TweetChocolate covered cheese Doritos chips and the most Expensive Lego piece Ever. these two pics are found in UniqueDaily Blog this is a ridiculous idea, but I would like to try it.   I want that LEGO Brick *_*, its priced at

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Gangnam St- Chicken


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Famous weapons in pop culture

Tweetthis piece of art is really awesome, I’m trying to see if I can get them all. can you tell whose weapons are these? which one is your favorite? check out the artist page for bigger version [Here]

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ASUS Padphone 2 and HTC J Butterfly

Tweetin a previous post I was trying to decide on which phone to get next, out of the options there weren’t so many pics/videos on the ASUS PadPhone2, and now I found a video that shows the size and docking of the

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this Lego Batcave is awesome

TweetWayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston built this epic Batcave out of lego bricks, two of the things I love are combined together.   and it has all the batman vehicles, it took them 800+ hours and 20,000 blocks including lighting

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Breaking Bad halloween costume

Tweetthese kids have really cool parents, and they are adorable. although i hope they don’t let their kids watch the show 😛

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Google Street view is now Under water

Tweetyea its true, not a joke.   however this comment was a nice BURN to iOS6 losers users. 😛 [Source]

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Thats a lot of Cameras

TweetEpic pic is Epic, see if u can tell any of the models. Source

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I’m Designs


TweetBefore Eid a local designer for T-shirts did this draw on Twitter. You Retweet and get a chance to win a free T-shirt. I retweeted and I won a free T-shirt. So, I’ve choosen Stark T-shirt [Winter Is Coming] I

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Cartoonish movie posters



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Awesome Batman Trailer


TweetGet it? Get it ? this is the third Batman post in a row, i guess we should name the blog after this LOL. image from

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