Youtube Special: News Interview Remix

one of my favorite aspects of Youtube is the existence of creative remixes of all kinds of things, almost everything has a dubstep remix, a metal remix and an autotune remix, right now I would like to focus on a specific type of remixes on Youtube, Remixed News reports/interviews, because people on the news are weird and they catch the attention of the internet, some go wildly viral and end up with millions of views, here I will be sharing some of my favorites:

1) Antoine Dodson :

The Remix


The Original [Link]

the most famous and popular of this type of video is the “Hide yo kids, Hide yo Wife” guy Antoine Dodson, the words were remixed into a song and it got him famous and I think he made enough money to buy a house in L.A. and he made live performances (like at the webbys awards ceremony).


2) Jacob Isom

The Remix


The Original [Link]

Jacob Isom is a 20 something skater guy, he saved a copy of the holy Quran from being burnt in an angry protest in a public park in Amarillo Texas.

Anyway this guy is a hero for taking away a Quran from being burnt, and the Internet made a remix of jacob Isom when he was on the news for being a man of honor and showing respect to all religions.


3) Diana from Kansas

The Remix [Long version here]


The original [Link]

this lady was in a grocery store when it was robbed, she’s very eccentric and describes what happened and how her “daddy” taught her good.

check this post I made a long time ago on her, including more remixes [Link]


4) Sweet Brown

The Remix & Original in one Video:


for only the remix click Here

sweet brown is one of the most recent meme on this list, she’s a middle aged (I think ) woman who was in a fire, her accent and facial expression was what makes this remix so great, her song along with Jacob Isom’s often get stuck on my mind for hours and hours hehehe.




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Jasmine Call 2013 نداء الياسمين

Jasmine Call

تشرفت الأمس بحضور الأمسية الخيرية “نداء الياسمين” المقامة في جامعه الخليج  بمشرف لإغاثة المتضررين من الشعب السوري.

و إقامت الحفل الجمعية الثقافية الاجتماعية النسائية برعاية وزير الإعلام الشيخ سلمان الحمود الصباح و عدد من الشركات الكويتيه, و تميزت الإمسية بحضور الموسيقار السوري و عازف البيانو مالك جندلي و عاز العود الفنان عبدالرحيم الصيادي بالإضافة للفنان الكاريكاتيري القدير و العالمي علي فرزات, كان الحضور و الإقبال على الإمسية ممتاز جدا و أداء الفنانين جميل و ممتع و من أبرز المعزوفات اللي استمتعت بها شخصيا كانت معزوفة بإسم “أصداء من أوغاريت” و هي أقدم معزوفة مدونه بالتاريخ و قد كتبت على لوح  فخاري صنع من تراب سوري قبل خمسة الآف سنه. و كانت قطعه موسيقية متميزة حضينا بمتعه الاستماع اليها من أنامل الموسيقار مالك جندلي.

بالإضافة الى ذلك كان هناك مزاد خيري للوحة من الفنان علي فرزات و اسوار ذهب قديم و قطعه فنية عبارة عن مجسم لناعورة حماة بنيت بيد أحد الشهداء السوريين. أترككم مع الفيديو الجميل لمعزوفة “أصداء من أوغاريت” بعزف مالك جندلي.


Last night I had the honor to attend the “Jasmine Call” in Gulf University; a benefit and a concert for fund raising on behalf of the Womens Cultural & Social Society sponsored by sheikh Salman Al Humood Al Sabah the minister of Information and a number of Kuwaiti businesses, the benefit was a very special evening with music from the composer and pianist Malik Jandali, and oud (Lute) player abdulrahim Alsiadi, accompanied by the presence of the internationally acclaimed comic artist Ali Farzat, the attendance was great and the evening was pleasant and my favorite part was “Echoes from Ugarit” a musical piece based on the oldest musical notes that exist, written on a clay tablet made from syrain soil, and 5,000 years old, it was an amazing piece and we had the pleasure to listen to it live played with the hands of a great musician and pianist.
furthermore there was an auction on an art piece by Ali Farzat, a vintage golden necklace and art piece of a Na’oura from hamat (a whater wheel type of contraption) and it was made by a syrian artist, who gave his life for his country.
the above video is a rendition of the Echoes of Ugarit, and I was lucky to find a version with a full orchestra although the piano on its own was great, Enjoy.


  •  Ali Farzat Website [Here] موقع الفنان علي فرزات
  • Malik Jandali Website [Here] موقع الموسيقار مالك جندلي


I would like to thank my friend Abdulrahman for the invitation to the event it was a great evening and I thoroughly enjoyed it.


M4SONIC and The DanceBox

here are two music videos I find interesting.

first off is the DanceBox, a combo of dance and beatbox,

this is a collaboration between two great artists,

dancer Mike Song and KRNFX champion beatboxer.


and on the other hand,

M4SONIC became my hero after watching him play with two Novation Launchpads his work is really magic and the music is soo good, I fell in love and subscribed to his YouTube channel Immediately.


Enjoy your Weekend :3

The Gangnam Style Craziness continues

here are some more videos in the Gangnam Style craze .

Starting with the Western Parody, the Gunman Style

(Note: it has women in Bikini’s so its not safe for work)


 and some nerds in Cosplay dancing to it,

which is always fun (During DragonCon 2012)


 My favorite part is the girl in Deadpool costume (Marry me please :/)

and last but not least is the “Gundam Style”, I love Gundam but I didnt Expect this LOL.


Click here for the FULL video (cannot embed it)
thanks to Sainster for the videos