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Bad Video Game Music

TweetNot all video game music is good. even though you argue its all about taste, but in a previous post (Here) I shared the importance of video game music as made by the Redbull documentary series “Diggin’ in the Carts”

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Finger snapping Super Mario

Tweetjust like the title says, this guy can play Super Mario theme without any instruments, just his fingers     you might think you have seen it all, but not really.

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Daft Punk – Derezzed Guitar Cover (Tron)


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Diggin’ in the Carts

Tweet this series by Redbull is about Music in video games, especially retro video games and how it influenced culture and the gaming industry, its a six episode series and you can find the firs episode embeded here, and a

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Recorder Beatbox by Medhat Mamdouh

Tweetthis is an interesting combination by mr Medhat Mamdouh. Arabic tunes, beatboxing and Flute I think there’s room to improve but he definitely is on to something great. for more you can follow him on twitter and Facebook

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Barbie Girl – Vintage Beach Boys Style

Tweetthis is a cool rendition of the late 90’s hit song by Aqua “Barbie Girl”, although the song made a big controversy and law suit with Mattel the creators of barbie despite being the top of the charts worldwide, and till

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2 [Metal] Cellos

Tweetthis is the best Cello play you will see all day.  

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Heavy Metal BagPipe

Tweetnever thought I’d see such a stange mix and I haven’t seen anything so awesome and related to Metal in a long time. here’s an earlier post that’s all about things made into Heavy Metal Style

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Best Rag Time Piano Player

TweetRag time is an old old type of music, and this guy at Disney park can play it real good. Such a delightful tune, and also Tons of skill. Amazing!

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S4 Samsung Style

Tweetthis video is soooo wrong which makes it perfect

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Transformers Remix

TweetIntroducing Cybertron Battle Routine by Fresh Kils   Amazing skills on the PMC also approved by Araab Muzik (the guy from an earlier post )

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Game of thrones – on Cello

Tweetthis is amazing, too good I would say

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This kid can dance, THIS KID CAN DANCE [FIXED]

Tweetprofessional Hip Hop dancer baby and another video {LINK] Her Name is BGirl Terra and more of her dance videos are spreading on YouTube, Great talent

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Youtube Special: News Interview Remix

Tweetone of my favorite aspects of Youtube is the existence of creative remixes of all kinds of things, almost everything has a dubstep remix, a metal remix and an autotune remix, right now I would like to focus on a specific

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Game Shop – “Thrift Shop” parody

TweetThrift shop is a song going popular recently by the independent artist Macklamore (and Ryan Lewis), It’s a great track part of their album “The Heist”, I bought this album last January and I would like to support them for the great music.

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Jasmine Call 2013 نداء الياسمين

Tweet تشرفت الأمس بحضور الأمسية الخيرية “نداء الياسمين” المقامة في جامعه الخليج  بمشرف لإغاثة المتضررين من الشعب السوري. و إقامت الحفل الجمعية الثقافية الاجتماعية النسائية برعاية وزير الإعلام الشيخ سلمان الحمود الصباح و عدد من الشركات الكويتيه, و تميزت الإمسية

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Amazing Japanese music video

Tweetthis paper art and stop motion combination is a really unique idea for a music video, honestly no amount of words will do it justice.   I dunno how much paper was put into this, anyway the video is titled

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M4SONIC and The DanceBox

Tweethere are two music videos I find interesting. first off is the DanceBox, a combo of dance and beatbox, this is a collaboration between two great artists, dancer Mike Song and KRNFX champion beatboxer.   and on the other hand, M4SONIC

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Where is my Goat – Music Video

Tweetsilly music video is actually pretty good   this is better than music from: Nicki Menaj Lady Gaga Justin Bieber Jessica Black   UPDATE: theres a Remix [Here]

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Minecraft Gangnam Style

Tweetthis time its better than the last one [Here]       Epic Animation but I didn’t like the vocals to be honest.

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