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Bad Video Game Music

TweetNot all video game music is good. even though you argue its all about taste, but in a previous post (Here) I shared the importance of video game music as made by the Redbull documentary series “Diggin’ in the Carts”

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Game of Thrones: The Musical

Tweetthis documentary style comedy sketch with “Game of Thrones” characters is hilarious and brilliant, I was shocked to see this video is only 4 months old and about 13 million views, if you Love game of thrones you will love this.

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Ninja meeting interrupted

TweetCool funny video    

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Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal

TweetA scottish filmmaker behind the smash hit series of viral videos ‘Ryan Gosling Won’t Eat His Cereal’ has died of bone cancer aged 27, Ryan McHenry, who was from Dumfries and who moved to Edinburgh when he was 18, had been

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McDonalds drive thru disappearing food prank

Tweetthis guy makes McDonald’s McChicken disappear. (the girl in the last segment at 2:03 mark killed me with her reactions x’D) I mean I know how to make it disappear too but not like that, you know what I mean

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if Instagram was in the 80’s

Tweetthis is an awesome fake informercial (Duh!)

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Geico Unskippable Ads

Tweetthese are truly creative ads by car insurance company Geico.   1) Elevator: 2)High-Five: 3)Family:   that was kinda Awkward to watch lol.

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Friends – Rebooted

Tweetwhat Friends would be like if the cast was a bunch of hipsters in 2015. Source

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“Shift It” Hilarious commercial

Tweetthis type of video is why I LOVE the Internet.   you can look at the behind the scenes [Here].

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These Birds are Goofy

Tweethilarious video of Emu’s playing with a weasel toy

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“Hell No” movie trailer

Tweetthis horror movie is awesome okay the trailer is fictitious but its still awesome

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Talking Carl Screaming fight

Tweetnever thought of doing this, and the result was really hilarious 😛

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Hilarious New punctuation marks

TweetIn a world that’s constantly changing, people use punctuation marks to express themselves while on the internet, but the current punctuation marks are not good at expressing certain things, so a new set is suggested. check them out.   my favorite one was the sarcasistises

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This Kid is adorable – Viral Video

Tweetthis is a really cute kid and she seems articulate for her age “Go Drive” LOL, love her 😛

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the Warg – game of thrones comic

Tweetthis is hilarious LOL [Source]

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the Spider by Milena Sidorova

Tweeta ballet dance routine by a very flexible lady, I think its a bit funny yet at the same time she’s really skilled. speaking of funny spiders, check this spider that fails in hiding. I laughed so hard at this

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This pony is Awesome

Tweetand I didn’t see that coming. Epic video 😛 do your own pony mix here

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True facts about the mantis

Tweetby fake morgan freeman Epic

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I don’t like watermelon


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Harlem Shake Saudi Arabia الشكشكة الهارلمية

TweetProbably the funniest Harlem Shake. أقوى واحد اللي بالنص  

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