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Football Goal Celebration Special FX

Tweetthis is awesome,   too bad i don’t know the players though 😛

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Juventus season 2011/2012

Tweet الكثير من متابعين الكرة و أغلبية مشجعين اليوفي كانوا على يقين بعدم استطاعة الفريق المنافسة على لقب الدوري وسيكون شيئ جيد لفريق انتهى آخر موسميه بالمركز السابع الوصول لمركز مؤهل لدوري الابطال أنا من ضمن هؤلاء حتى المتفائلين الذين

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Nike – My Time is Now

Tweetyeah the tagline obviously from WWE star John Cena. But the commercial is good so excited about the Euro2012

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what is this Sport ?

Tweeti seriously didn’t get anything guess this is why it’s not too popular but at least it’s more interesting than football

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David Beckham plays Blind Football with the British Paralympic team


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Attending Juventus Match

Tweet      I’m currently in Torino, Italy. We arrived yesterday. The trip was horrible, 15hours. We flew from Kuwait to Istanbul via Turkey Airlines. 4 hours,then 6hours transit in Istanbul. 3hours flight to Milan. Last thin is 2hours bus

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