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Dubai MEFCC 2015

Tweet so I attended this years Dubai Comic Con (MEFCC) and the experience was as fun as ever, the convention was as big as last years but it seems they increased the booths and so it was a bit more condensed

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Batman Stuff

Tweetbecause I’m a fan of Batman and my friends are fans of the Dark Knight, I get many videos sent to me, today I’ll share two with you.   1) Batman vs DarthVader: this is a live action, fan-made short

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Kairos French Comic gets an animated trailer.

Tweetand both the comic and the trailer look amazing. French animation company Studio La Cachette has created an amazing hand-drawn animated trailer for Kairos, a comic book by French artist Ulysse Malassagne. Kairos tells the story of Nills, a bespectacled boy on a quest to rescue his girlfriend

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the Warg – game of thrones comic

Tweetthis is hilarious LOL [Source]

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Marvel by Blackmeal

TweetAmazing video animation that puts the main marvel heroes together.  

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Cats in Social networks – A comic


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Everyday Super Heroes

Tweet this is an art project by Greg Guillemin about things that super heroes do, but it’s not usually shown in the comics. here are a few more:   I love the idea but watch out because some of them contain

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Batman: Dead End

TweetThis short movie was released in ComicCon 2003, old yes. Watch the movie and be astonished, in a weird way

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Sonic Legs – comic

TweetLOL never looked at it this way.   Source [Link]

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ربع الديوانية: Rage Comic


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علم الجبر- rage comic

Tweetأنا قاعد ادرس انجليزي ….

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Random Ghost Fact

Tweetthis is an epic comic from BinnyArt                                                                  

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Marvel vs. DC Comics movie infographic

TweetNolan’s Batman is the only good thing in DC now. Source

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قص شعرك Rage Comic

Tweetانا بالصف مع طلبتي الحلوين

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The Dark Knight Returns: Trailer

TweetI’ve always said that Frank Miller’s graphic novel Dark Knight Returns us the best story about Batman. I was eager to see this animated movie. What’s more awesome that’ll be 2 parts. This one will be released at the end

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Infographic – Everything Batman


Tweetthis is 70 years worth of batman stuff, click image for full size. Source: Blameitonthevoices

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The Finisher


Tweeti lol’d Sources: Via/From

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Night Surfing


TweetThis happens to us all every night -.-

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Playground Heroes

flash_kid_by_andyfairhurst-d54g8tb (1)

Tweetthis is an amazing designs by AndyFairhurst loved the Bane one  

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Medieval Avengers


Tweetanother awesome fan-made art

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