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Real life working BMO

Tweet BMO (pronounced beemo) is a cute little robot character from a show called “Adventure Time” and he is supposed to be a small c0mputer/video game console, he is generally depicted as a side character to the protagonists of the

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Motorized Trike Drifting

TweetTrike drifting is a cool hobby that can be found in many areas in the world. basically people make a special tricycle made for drifting, with smooth tires (AKA Trike) and they take their drifting trikes and go up a

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this Lego Batcave is awesome

TweetWayne Hussey and Carlyle Livingston built this epic Batcave out of lego bricks, two of the things I love are combined together.   and it has all the batman vehicles, it took them 800+ hours and 20,000 blocks including lighting

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Lego: Movie Scenes

TweetVery unique work to mash Lego with famous movie scenes, Enjoy

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thats a HUGE RC truck

Tweeti like RC cars, but this is too big. XD   there’s another video of it pulling a real Car. [HERE]

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Cool Toy – Air Swimmers

TweetThis is an amazing toy, for young kids and old geeks 😛 Check out the site for more info. [LINK]

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