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Arrietty: Review / Lexi Cinema

I went today to see Arietty (Kari-gurashi no Arietti) — based on The Borrowers by Mary Norton— the latest movie from Studio Ghibli. I was slightly disappointed by this movie. The story is interesting but the plot isn’t, at all. It starts very cold, then when it gets interesting, it goes back to cold. Ghibli is famous for it’s simple facial expressions and detailed environment. it’s all here, What I most like other than the animation; is the soundtrack. Unfortunately, There’s nothing catchy about this movie, only the huge name of Ghibli behind it.

+great animation
+great soundtrack

-boring plot
-cheesy ending
-boring characters


Lexi Cinema

The other thing I wanna talk about is the movie theater itself. I was browsing the cinema schedules when I saw Arrietty, then I chose the nearest one to whom, consulted Google maps and Voila, The coziest cinema I have ever seen. It’s like a small ordinary house. Even the box office is also the cafeteria. When I entered the movie theater it was small; but really comfortable, neat, and comfy.


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  1. Chuknum says:

    7asafa, i was looking forward to it

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