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My Grado Headphones

Yesterday I was roaming in Tottenham Court, then checked a couple of Electronic Stores for some headphones. I wasn’t searching for Dr.Dre Beats. For me they are Overpriced and Overrated, yeah they have a decent sound with decent noise cancellation , but it’s all about BASS, BASS, BASS. Also, it’s expensive here it’s around 200-300 Pounds. Besides you can find something more less with the same features like Sennheiser (Shnaizer),  Klipsch (Klips), & AudioTechnica.

I lurked on the net and got positive feedback on the Grado SR80. They are not expensive, very crisp sound and clear. BTW it’s open air headphones. I don’t like Noise Cancellation headphones, the sound is not right with those ones. It’s just me I don’t get them. I bought them for 90Pounds . this model is made for best sound in a shitty decoration.

What I didn’t like is; they are not comfortable around the ears, a bit tight, they make my ears sweaty lol

check their site they have a 1,000+ headphones T_T


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2 comments on “My Grado Headphones
  1. Juvebizkit says:

    they looks nice greak, they look retro more that shitty to me. at least you can start your own headphones collection :)

  2. Mephisto says:

    nice, i have a set of AKG k702, laso open air, and most comfortable thing EVER!

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