Samsung is making fun of iPhone

they have a point V__V

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5 comments on “Samsung is making fun of iPhone
  1. YousiF says:

    I didn’t see a “point” I saw bland bragging!

    • Mephisto says:

      Yea they have the right to, they have passed them in sales, tgey have superior products, and better policies

  2. H M Kamshad says:

    Agree with YousiF. I’m not Apple freak but I use my mind. Why we don’t use 4G phones? because 3G is raping the battery right now so imagine it in 4G. Also are there many companies supporting 4G network application in arab world? they are not even supporting full features of 3G yet.

    • Mephisto says:

      unfortunately this 3G and 4G thing is not black and white but newer technology is supposed to be better on the battery and faster, there are more aspects that should develope so we can say this is a new generation of the technology

  3. Moody says:

    I could never get a samsung, am creative! lol

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