PS Vita in Kuwait

My friend today bought PS Vita (WiFi + 3G) from Markaz AlKuwaiti in Re7ab. He got it with 2 games Uncharted: Golden Abyss,a and Ultimate MArvel vs. Capcom 3 for KD230 the handheld itself is KD180. It’s a lot but it’s imported from Japan which is already more expensive than the western market PlayAsia $540 excluding the shipping costs.

My initial thought was it heavier than the 1st time I held it last Sept in EuroGamer Expo in London. It used to have a rough surface in the back touch pad, now it’s smooth. but it looks great. Of course, it’s free region so you can play games from any region with no hassles.

The downside is: he couldn’t play Uncharted: GA. The reason is the game needs an M2 Vita Card. It will not work with any other M2 card. It is designed to work Only with the PSVita cards, which is stupid. Hopefully our beautiful hackers will do something about it.


I’ll wait for the official Middle-East launch it will be around $250/KD70, it will be sold officially with the world wide launch. So, there’s no way the black market would benefit from any delays in the gulf region launch.

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3 comments on “PS Vita in Kuwait
  1. Srw4evers says:

    Wow lucky bastard 😛

  2. Q8Dreamer says:

    IS your friend interested in selling his Marvel Vs cap com 3 on the PS Vita ? I’m willing to pay unto 16kd

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