Speaking of Bikes..

Two Fictional Bikes have become reality recently

and I thought I want to share with you guys.

First off we have Kanaeda Bike from the Japanese Animated movie Akira

videos of this bike were all over the Internet Last week

it was Great news for nerds as well as bike enthusiasts

to see such a special bike being made,

and it was made for a good Cause:

From Anime News Network:

The only officially recognized replica of Shotaro Kaneda’s motorcycle from Katsuhiro Otomo‘sAkira manga and film is currently traveling across Japan. Shinji Tejima from the Showa Studioautomobile repair shop spent seven years and approximately 10 million yen (about US$121,400) to build the motorcycle, and he is riding it across Japan to raise money for the children’s autism support group Bokura Company.

Check the links for more videos and information [ToplessRobot/AnimeNewNetwork]


Secondly, there is the Tron Light Cycle,

one of my Personal favorite designs

from the movie “TRON: Legacy” the Sequel.

its originally created by “Parker Brothers Choppers” with a normal gas motor,

but then “Evolve Motorcycles” joined them and thought of making it fully electric

and so the noise of the bike is now gone and it rides more like a Light Cycle.


and the best part is that THEY ARE FOR SALE on HammerSchlemmer. ($55,000)

I’m very excited and i love the fact that people are making these things.


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One comment on “Speaking of Bikes..
  1. Gintoki says:

    Love the two bikes , but Kaneda’s bike is the one that make me drool , i consider it the only “good looking” bike i have ever seen in life , anime or anywhere .

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