Berserk; Egg of the High King: Review

This post is dedicated to Kal

Berserk (Manga) is the best thing I came across in the Entertainment world. I’ve watched tons of movies, TV shows, cartoons, Anime, read stories, books, novels, and ComicscOylTbgl.jpgMangas. None gave me the feeling when I’m reading the Manga of Berserk. Its themes, settings and story are very brutal; physically and emotionally. I can talk all day about the references, the ideology, the philology of the Manga; but I’ll just review the 1st movie on the upcoming trilogy.

After more than a decade – 15 yrs to be precise – of waiting after the end of the Original TV-anime series. Finally a new project was announce to adapt
Berserk manga into the big screen. The project consists of 3 movies covering The Golden Age Arc. The same amount of material which the Original TV-anime covered.


Obviously, 3 movies can’t cover the whole vols.cOylTbgl.jpgTV-anime. A huge chunk of material will be neglected in the movie. I didn’t complain, I’m familiar with these sorts of things and how producers struggle to take as much as they can to view it in a very short window. The question is did they ?

Yup, They stayed with the manga – unlike the TV adaptation – which is a huge step forward. They started with new voice actors. I didn’t complain, they did a decent job. The soundtrack was brilliant, best thing about the movie. I aslo liked the action scenes, specially that they are – as the manga – brutal and bloody.

On the other hand, I did complain about the use of CGI (computer generated imagery) At moments, when the movement is still, It looks amazing. When there is movementcOylTbgl.jpgaction it’s lousy, stiff, and dull. Like watching a low budget CGI TV series; you know like our local shows :\ .  We all know that Japanese are not very fond working with 3D CGI.

The use of 3D CGI and merging them with traditional 2D anime style – as the producers said – saves time, and money. I understand that. The project is huge, to release 3 part movie in a single year, but you can’t NOT to complain about it.


What’s also a downside is the shortcuts they made, the material they left wasn’t necessary for the story or the plot, but it did left a gap in the characters developing process. You need to spend more time with The Band of The Hawk – like the manga – to understand and relate to them. It didn’t feel that much in the movie.

All in All I liked the movie, after all this wait it kind of worth it to be honest. I’m looking forward watching the other two.

+great soundtrack
+brutal, bloody action
+true to the source material
+decent voice acting

-lousy 3D CGI
-poor character development



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4 comments on “Berserk; Egg of the High King: Review
  1. Sketchq8 says:


  2. yousefq8 says:

    Hey nice review.

    About the development of the band. They developed the guys in the band a lot more in the anime compared to the manga. In the manga, we only get some short scenes where we hear them talking. We only get the basic gist of their emotions towards Guts, such as Corckus hating him, Judeu being neutral but liking Guts, Pippin the strong silent type, and Rickert admiring Guts. We only really get major development of their characteristics when Guts is leaving the band. Thats when Corckus really starts talking and Judeau does too. So I think that it’s not that fair to critisize the under development of them in this movie. This movie really shined on Griffith to be honest, and equally towards Caska and Guts.

    I did a review of the movie as well, check it out here on my blog. 🙂

  3. Kal says:

    I loved it! it was an insane movie, and precisely as you said the action of battles were crazy. I just can’t wait for the second then the third part. Awesome review man, and yo, thanks for the dedication!

  4. Greak says:

    Sketch: thx
    yousef: you got a point there
    kal: u r welcome 😛

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