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Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Videos

I would like to come out and say it, I love this girl, her dancing, her spirit of fun. I have come across the first video i will show you here earlier, and I’m not sure if I had posted it on the blog or twitter, but after i found two more videos, I feel have to share these.


first video: Landromat.

her name is Angela Trimbur [IMDB], I just found this out today, she’s an actress, but probably not a very famous one, I certainly didn’t recognize her until I looked up her name and watched videos of her work.


second video: Airport.

honestly her dancing isn’t like the best dancing ever, she’s good. the fact that she’s doing these videos on her own, in public and with soooo much energy is what makes these videos so much fun to watch, over and over again.


third video: Mall.

also I would liek to mention that her choice of music is also interesting and seems perfectly appropriate to the type of dancing she’s doing, also the way she’s interacting and involving people passing bye, just adds charm to the videos.

Angela thank you for making me so happy watching these videos, I’m now officially a fan <3.

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One comment on “Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Videos
  1. Mohd says:

    wow she is amazing, imagine someone doing this dance in the avenues :p

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