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Django Unchained: Review

Quentin Tarantino is back with another revenge movie. QT is no surprise; my favorite director ever, I’ve seen Pulp Fiction like a dozen times. so what do expect when a director like QT directs/writes a western ? something very exquisite indeed. I loved this movie, there were some little things I didn’t like but this was awesome.


love d the cast in this movie specially Christoph Waltz (who played the Jew Hunter in Inglorious Basterds) all the other cast did an awesome job playing their characters, but Waltz took all the attention from all the other actors in this movie. Also, Leonardo DiCaprio did a great job playing the villain. Jamie Foxx was good, but I preferred Idris Elba for the role of Django.

 One of QT trademarks is transcending a normal scene into something completely interesting simply by putting the right soundtrack in it. also, the screenplay is just brilliant as always from him. In my opinion QT is the best screenwriter in Hollywood history. The dialogues are so well written, the plot is just floating to an amazing climax. Though the movie was long 2:45hrs but it didn’t feel long or dragged for no reason. There were some beautiful shots in this movie, I really wish Quentin would direct a sci-fi movie next, though he’s not a fan of the digital world.


The down side of this movie are a couple of scenes which I found misplaced, they just didn’t fit.

If you like brutal movies, watch this one, if you like westerns, watch this one, if you like movies, watch Django Unchained.


+Acting, great characters
+brutal, bloody, violent

-misplaced scenes



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