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Art – Mirror Man and Salt Installation

these are two amazing “Art” pieces that I came across reading Cracked article [Here]


1- Mirror Man by uknown:


this is an unknown street performer that has a suit made out of mirrors, the idea is amazing and the picture is popular online, but I found a gallery full of them.

according to the above linked article one other artist decided to build his own suit and it took him 200 hours, I think its worth it as long as you don’t cut yourself on a broken mirror shard.

here’s the Gallery [Link]


2- Motoi Yamomoto Salt Installations:

the following image is not photo-shopped:


this is a piece of art by a Japanese artist, and he used salt to build this patter than goes up into a very detailed and natural looking mountain, an amazing work of many similar art installations by Yamamoto, he has different patterns and works using the same medium: Salt.

here’s a gallery [Link]

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