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Lurkerz Break – Flash Games

first game for today is Redline Rumble 3

this is a racing game that uses java, and though the graphics are simple and the physics don’t exist but the gameplay will keep you on edge, the five stages each have a different flavor resembling a certain scene or job from car chase movies, kinda like a rip off from one the too fast too furious movies. its a good game but sadly it doesn’t last that long.


click image to play game


the second game for today is a very special game, its called “Simian.interface”

this is a brain excersize kind of game, the color and the music will drag you in,

the beautiful puzzles and artwork will keep you playing till the end,

and when it ends, you will be like AWESOME GAME 😀 but its finished :(

click here for the full screen experience

click here for the full screen experience

Enjoy your friday


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