Lumilor – Electroluminescent paint that you will like


we live in the future, and by that I mean this technology is something that will change many things we see in our world, what is Lumilor?



its a kind of paint that can be lit up with electricity (batteries) so its not that “glow in the dark” stuff, its paint that is engineered and designed to be powered to shine bright and colorful, the example here is the first showcase of this piece of decorative technology, on a bike with a custom dragon paint job, as much as I like bikes, I honestly don’t like the paint job itself.


but what matters the most is that we can now have walls. cars and objects that light up. isn’t that cool ? its mind blowing to see something like this emerge.

Check out this video for the Bike in Action:

here’s the explanation from the company itself:

“The LumiLor TM Electroluminescent Coating System is a patent pending EL coating that can permanently be applied over compound curves to form a truly conformal coating that emits light. LumiLor is a sprayable solution that offers revolutionary functional capabilities and requires no special tools or equipment to apply.”


for more Info check out the source article [Here] or go directly to Lumilor’s Site [Here]

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