High Noon 2 – Android & iOS Game

Do you remember playing high noon?

well guess what, High noon 2 is coming out pretty soon and it looks good.

high noon 2

High Noon 2 is the sequel to the hit iOS game High Noon, which has been downloaded 12 million times. High Noon 2 is a cowboy shooter game, where the gameplay is designed around the device’s accelerometer for more realistic holstering, aiming, and reloading.

The upgrades in High Noon 2 from the original game include high-res graphics and 3D animated cowboys and cowgirls, with more features being added later on.

High Noon 2 is set in High Noon Gulch, where players can find each other in the Saloon or use the Wildcat feature to be randomly matched with other players from around the world for one-on-one real time duels. Players use silver they win during duels to customize their avatars with weapons, clothing, and special items. Certain items can only be unlocked and purchased once players reach specific levels. Each player has a reward on their head, which increases as they win duels and helps them climb the global and regional leader boards. High Noon 2 is coming to Android and iOS devices worldwide in July 2013.

Here are some screenshots:

Stay tuned for a full review of the game soon.

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