Space Engineers – First Look

this is Part 1 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

I would like to note that both these games are still in their early stages,

but the content is interesting and I recently purchased this one

and its been an cool experience so far, so first off is:


Space Engineers 




this game is to put it simply, Minecraft in space.

You build spaceships (two categories consisting of small and big ships) and space stations,

and you have to design the ships with consideration to gravity, size, power needed

and gyroscopes for balance, sounds like an easy idea right ?


look at these large ships:


well actually the game is a bit hard to get a grasp on the controls at first, and as of this writing the game is only available as creative mode which means materials are always available and the ships can be built in whatever your imagination can come up with,

you can look up the game on YouTube and you’ll find people like SAGE with absurdly huge and detailed ships, and other players that have amazing projects all over the web.

here’s an example of “small” fighting ships by SAGE:



why should you buy this game now in its Alpha stage?

because u can build a ship the size of the titanic and crash it into another ship and see the damage and piece flying in space, honestly I bought it cause I saw a lot of potential in this game and I think this could go into one aspect Minecraft would never go to; the depth of space, and you get to be creative and design ships and pilot them/fight them. 

this fighter ship is by Flicker and its called Spitfire, inspired by Prometheus

this fighter ship is by Flicker and its called Spitfire, inspired by Prometheus

please note that there are tons of ships accessible through the steam workshop [here] and space engineers official community site [here] and modding fan site [here] for you to add to ur game, and other mods like changing the gray space background and what not, which shows that this game has a thriving community and a good fanbase so far.

My goal right now is to build the White Base from the first Gundam Series, here are two pics of the battleship:

white_base_4_by_computergenius-d36gejl White-base

and we will see how it works out, meanwhile check the game out:


  • find it on Steam [Here]
  • official page [Here]
  • SAGE Youtube Channel [Here]
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