Strike Vector – first look

this is Part 2 of my first look on two Steam indie games.

and I am right now considering to buy this game, because so far it looks really good.



Strike Vector is a fast paced fighter jet multiplayer game, it reminds me a bit of Warhawk or StarHawk but its faster and insanely good looking gameplay, I love how the camera is used in Strike Vector and it gives the player a feeling of high speed action dog fighting.

its an indie game made by four developers and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality of this game.




the “Vectors” are upgradable jets and with great customizations that fit different play styles, ranging from stealth vectors to heavy armed death machines.

for a better look at the customization system you can view this video [here].

so many explo

so many pretty missiles and explosions


no amount of words can explain how awesome the game is,

so this is a video trailer of the game.



the game is released on Steam right now, I will most likely buy this game and if/when I do I will write a full review of the game.

  • Game Official Site [Here]
  • Game Page on Steam [Here]
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