Motorized Trike Drifting

Trike drifting is a cool hobby that can be found in many areas in the world.


basically people make a special tricycle made for drifting, with smooth tires (AKA Trike) and they take their drifting trikes and go up a hill or a mountain road and go down that road with their trikes and spend a cool afternoon just having fun.

videos of this hobby have been spreading around for the last few years and it looks good and seems like a lot of fun.(note: its probably not safe for kids to go on a road down a hill on sliding trikes). here’s a video of these drifting trikers in action:


then someone made a motorized Drift Trike, which means you can drift anywhere and on flat ground, which is super cool, even though some trike drifter might not agree but I certainly love the idea, check this video out.

I’d really like to get my hands on one of those drifting motorized tracks, even though I think you can find websites that give guides on building your own trike, either way I hope you enjoyed watching those people drift around on wacky looking trikes.

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