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I’m happy to introduce to you a wonderful mobile game called “LineZeta”.

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The game is a mixture of Bejeweled and Super Robot Wars, it is a puzzle game with robots, you have to line up cores (or jewels) to make lines that will make your robots attack the enemies, the game starts off really easy and for someone who is first starting, things like upgrading, editing your squad of robots or picking out a ship may not make much sense in terms of gameplay, but after going through some levels you start to pick up why u need certain abilities or stats to advance.


Fusion is a nice way to upgrade your robot


rare robots and special event robots make a huge difference as well

eventually you will realized how addictive the game is, in collecting robots, leveling them up and playing through the seemingly endless challenges, and you start adding online players as friends and have them contribute to the battles you are going through, the game is simple in terms of gameplay and complex enough with the ideas to keep you interested, and its very addictive because its fast.

overall I have spent dozen hours on this game in the first few days and now I am getting to a point where I have to know what I should be doing exactly in order to beat the harder enemies, I don’t see an end to the challenges and stages and modes in this game, but I do love the journey through them.

the game design is great, and the robots have great variety and they operate on a scale of colors (these colors are part of the game mechanic), I keep getting screenshots whenever I get into the loading screen because I think the Robot design is good, I have a Gallery of them click the image below for full size pics.

you can get either the free version of LineZeta or the paid one, called LineZeta Frontiers:

you can also check out these pages:

  • LineZeta official site here
  • LineZeta Official Twitter here
  • LineZeta Official Facebook Page here
  • Line Zeta unofficial forum here


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