Don’t be a Douchebag Campaign

a group of Russian teenagers have been going on a campaign to stop people from driving on sidewalks as a shortcut, so they stop in their way and ask them to go back. its interesting how these offenders react even though they are breaking the law.

I spent a good amount of time browsing and watching these young activists being cussed at, spit on, bumped by cars, and generally deal with road rage by drivers who can only be described as idiots, some people fight them or threaten then with weapons, guns and knives and they stood their ground.

in many occasions they got the police involved too and it led to tickets for traffic violations and sometimes arrests for the offenders, the point of this channel was to stop people from endangering pedestrians and breaking the law by driving on the sidewalk, which is a common habit in Russia.
I’m posting about this issue is that we have a very similar (although maybe not as blatant) issue with people here; like using safety lanes that are meant for emergency vehicles or cutting off people, speeding and running red lights, we need to change some of these behaviors in Kuwait and respect the law and care for the safety of others.


the videos embedded in this post are from a channel that is dedicated to translating the Russian videos into english. find it here and for the original movement channel click here

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