Outland & Deadlight – double game reviews

Recently I’ve been playing two side scrolling puzzle platforming games.

this is a somewhat popular genre in the recent years with the rise of the indie games, and so I will share with you my experience playing both of these games and I’ll compare and contrast them.

Outland (2014):

outland is a MetroidVania platformer crossed with a bullet hell shooter (Like Ikaruga), the gameplay is simple and depends on the duality of the character (two colors vs two-opposite colored enemies) with a bunch of platforming and puzzles thrown in.

the boss fights are pretty cool but just like you expect from a platforming adevnture game, its not very hard or unpredictable, its the kind of game that needs skill and some patience to go through.

the design of Outland is beautiful, the color schemes, the backgrounds and even the soundtrack are great for such a seemingly modest game.

I played through this game and I really think its a satisfying game, albeit the final boss fight was nerve-racking.




much like Outland, Deadlight is a game where you mainly have to solve puzzles and fight enemies to advance in the game, but Deadlight is a grey dirty post-apocalyptic game, the backgrounds and character designs are really detailed and beautiful, the atmosphere of the game is very immersive and feels likea  horror game, I should also mention the soundtrack is amazing I downloaded it separately.


the gameplay in Deadlight feels more realistic and human, while the hero in Outland was more of a colorful mythical creature than jumps around and can fall from extreme heights without taking damage, this guy on the other hand is a bearded badass who is trying to survive through a zombie infested world, he has stamina and limitation to his physical ability, which augments the survival theme of the game.

The puzzle quality is a bit better in Deadlight but Outland fighting mechanics more fun, in Deadlight you really have to conserve your ammo and stamina and avoid large groups of zombies, while in Outland you kill enemies and absordb their energy to kill more enemies.

The story of Deadlight is somewhat a typical post-apocalypse zombie situation game and Outland is a “legendary tale” kind of storyline with mythical characters and it uses narration instead of a talking character.


I have spent about an hour only in Deadlight so I’m not sure on how much I should give it, but as far as first impressions go, its pretty damn good.


You can find the games here:


thank you for checking out the double game feature, please let us know what you think about the games or the post itself in the comments section below.

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