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So today I want to share with you this amazing Android Launcher, I have always loved launchers ever since I got my first Android back in 2010.

and I’ve always been experimenting with the customization that you can do to Android without having to access the root or do anything special to change the look of your Android.

And I would like  to promote one of my favorite launchers; the one I’m using currently:

TSF 3D Shell, by TSFUI.

– click for full size –

according to their site this launcher came out 3 years ago in feb 29th, 2012. I started using it around summer that year and have been using it ever since, I have changed devices many times and tried newer different launchers but I’ve always went back to TSF Launcher, It kind of gave me a consistent user experience on many different Android devices, the customization is great and the gimmicks are plenty, and the best part is that the development of this launcher is continuous, they have released a ver.3 recently and I quickly found myself adapting and falling in love all over again with TSF 3D.

although I have been using the HTC since october 2013, and the HTC Sense UI with Blinkfeed are pretty impressive, yet the customization made me go back to the safety of TSF UI and their cool interactive widgets.

the biggest down side to TSF is that its $15+ but I have to say that since I paid this amount a long time ago, It’s well worth it, and the reason I’m writing this post about it now is because they currently have a %40 off, so check it out and make your Android Device really cool looking.

get it on Android Play Market here

and you can check out the official website here

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