Cool Leaf Keyboard (V2)

If you like typing on a touch screen and want this feel on your computer,

this is a keyboard for you.


the Cool Leaf Keayboard (ver. 2) is basically a touch screen with a mirror finish and some level of water resistance, pictures of this keyboard all over the web but I have finally found it and now there’s a version 2 of the Keyboard.

in the Ad video they mention some parts of this are concept and by that I think they mean its just a Keyboard, the video kinda gives false hope of cool DJ or Video game Layout, but since its essentially a touch screen this is technically possible with some software.

You can buy the Cool Leaf Keyboard here

I really think this is a just a good looking keayboard, but its really more of a gimmick and not a comfortable day-to-day use kind of Keyboard, what kind of keyboard do you prefer ? would you pay nearly $300 for a touch keyboard on the PC? leave a comment below on what you think.

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