The new MacBook – 2015

The news were all over the web on the new MacBook announcement.

but after watching tons of video and reading around online (note: I’m not a fan of Apple) I have a conflicted opinion on the new MacBook, there are many aspects of this device which I like, but it seems its in a weird place among gadgets in the market.

1) Design & Size:

the Size of the MacBook is kinda small, but its bigger than most (if not all) tablets on the market, but its a direct competitor to devices like the Surface Pro 3 and the 12 inch Dell XPS.

of course the MacBook excels in  being the thinnest of all its competitors and its even 3mm thinner than the Air, another thing Apple users might not like about the design is that the logo won’t light up, I suppose due to thinness of the device, Its not really a big deal, is it ?

Dat Gold though!


2) performance:

the MacBook has a gorgeous 12 inch retina display, with a high resolution, great colors and a weird 16:10 ratio, not many laptops come with something this good, not at 12 inch at least, the battery life is said to last up to 10 hours, which is great even if it was 8  or 6 on heavy use, its impressive, I’m not happy about the lack of ports, but it has its pros and cons (mostly making Apple tons of $$$ on extensions).

including cool butterfly keys and clickless innovative track pad

on the other hand everything else about the new MacBook outright sucks, its made for browsing, basic office work and media consumption, you cannot expect to do video editing or gaming on this machine because of its tiny chipset and low powered processor, but as a plus the hardware makes the device really thin and doesn’t need special ventilation to cool down, which makes me compare it to some tablets and maybe a couple ultrabooks that use passive cooling rather than air cooling.


3) Price:

HOLY SHIT! I’d rather buy an actual laptop with the price of this thing.

Yes I know its Apple, and its technically an ultrabook (more like a glorified NetBook).

but hell to the No.

this small skinny gadget starts at $1299 (380KD)… NOPE.

I thought the Surface Pro 3 was expensive, but at least the surface has a much more powerful processor and a touchscreen which may justify the price, the MAIN problem I have about this laptop is what segment of the market would buy something small and very light weight, but bigger and heavier than an iPad. that behaves and is used like any Apple laptop but with really low performance and a high price.

I like the technologies that they put into making this Ultrabook really thin, I would even get one if I could get it at a reasonable price, but knowing apple, this will never Happen…

and now with the rant about the shitty 480p Camera,

which is the main reason I started this post lol.

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