Review: Inateck Portable Bluetooth Speaker (BTSP-10P)

I don’t really use Bluetooth speakers or docking things for listening to music, but then I saw this really cheap speaker online and I decided to get it.


1) Design

the Inateck Bluetooth speaker is a really good looking speaker, it comes in a black/red color pattern with a soft rubbery matte finish, the look and feel of the speaker is great and I really loved the design as far as the first impression.

the only bad thing I could say about the device is that it can get dirt on it a bit easily and also attracts a bit of fingerprints, it weighs a little bit more than what you’d expect from a tiny set of speakers.


you can expect to get a little dirt on it if you use it outdoors



2) Sound Performance

like I said earlier I don’t have much experience with the portable bluetooth speakers, I have tried the UE Boom before but the UE Boom is a much bigger and way more expensive speaker, honestly I think the Inateck does a great job and is super loud, its really clear as well.

the weakness in the Inateck BTSP-10P is that the base is weak, and the surround is limited due to the unit’s small size.




3) Battery Life

I only used the speakers for about a week and I had to charge it twice, the battery is announced to be 15hours but with my use its more like 13 or maybe even less if you keep it on high volume, generally I’m really happy with the battery life and it charges relatively fast.


Final thoughts

the Inateck BTSP-10P is a great pair of speakers, the small size, the battery life and the nice sound quality makes you wonder why this speaker is only $50, I would recommend it for anyone who needs small powerful portable speakers with a cheap price.

personally I bought it because I loved the design and I wasn’t expecting much but after I got it I was blown away by the quality, and I would like to add one more thing, its really easy to sync to and there aren’t any complicated settings or buttons on the device.

  • check it out on amazon [Here]
  • or go to their site [Here]
  • and also you can watch the video that made me buy it [Here]
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